Fall Lipstick Trends

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With the fall season in full swing, you will want to change up your cosmetics at least a bit. Certain colors are especially appropriate for this time of year, as the weather is steadily cooling down and the leaves are turning color and falling off the trees. When it comes to your lipstick, you have a wide array of options that are considered the current big trends for the fall.

This fall means you can be more bold than usual with your lipstick colors. Those that are anything but typical are very in at the moment, including black, shades of blue, green and even yellow. While they may not appeal too much to more mature women, these hues are growing in popularity among millennials.

Mylar Morales, a makeup artist who regularly works with pop sensation Rihanna, stated that these lipstick colors are age appropriate, and she notes that Rihanna is frequently seen with blue tints adorning her lips. She advises that in order to really pull off these unique lip colors, the rest of the makeup should be on the soft, bronze side. This softens the lipstick color so that it doesn’t appear too harsh.
Maybelline's Color Sensational Loaded Bolds in "Sapphire Siren"
Two of the most popular hues in Maybelline’s Color Sensational Loaded Bolds collection are those in black and midnight blue. There is even a crazier color called “Wickedly White,” which is exactly as it sounds. It is an opaque shade that really stands out when worn during the ever darkening fall season. MAC has recently unveiled its own line of similar unusual colors, such as black, sky blue and a yellow-chartreuse tint that is soft and sheer.

Lipstick Queen "Black Lace Rabbit"
An absolutely intriguing shade by Lipstick Queen is absolutely perfect for the season. Called “Black Lace Rabbit,” its name can fool you into thinking it’s a shocking black, but instead, it’s a more silvery color with a nice touch of sparkle and is sheer when applied. You can choose to wear it alone or on top of another color. It is sold either individually or as part of a set alongside two shades of pink lipstick.

One of the most popular lip colors for the fall is gold, or those shades that have a touch of gold. Vanity Projects owner Rita de Alencar Pinto explains that because these lipstick hues are especially shiny, they are meant for long wear. She stresses that people love the metallic colors like gold as a result of the high shine they emanate. They are fun and festive but aren’t too out there in comparison to some other colors.

But remember lipstick will only get you so far.  You have to take care of your lips, especially in the cold weather.  That's why EugeniaShea's lip balm made from shea butter is always a good idea. It will ensure that your lips will be well moistened and stay healthy while the temperature is growing increasingly cooler.

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