Where Have I Been?

8:05 AM

So if you were wondering where I've been these last few days and why i have not updated my blog this week, well don't worry,  I was not hiding or run out of idea to write in my blog. In fact, I have alot of things to write and also a good explanation on why I was MIA from my blog for more than 10 days.

21 April 2015: Neck Pain
Have you heard a saying "woke up on the wrong side of the bed"? I thought it was a crappy term that people use for a cranky person. Apparently, there is more meaning to it than just to describe a moody person. It means you sleep at the wrong position and somehow it tighten the neck's muscle, and that exactly what happened to me last week. And let me tell you something, it was hurt like hell

So on Tuesday morning, I remembered waking up and having my body in straight position with my head slightly bent down to my shoulder in an awkward position. Then I tried moving my body to the left side, and that was the moment I felt my neck was extremely painful. It was so painful that I have to bend my neck for a whole day. I even had to leave home early from the office just because my neck was hurting so bad.

I did everything to make it better but the pain on my neck practically immobilized me for 2 days. I tried to go massage parlour, I used cold packs to relieve the pain, i use "koyo" to give the burning sensation for my neck's muscle 

23 April 2015: The Avengers

My neck was getting better, but I cant fully turned my neck to the left, look up or look down. My neck felt okay so I decided to go and whatched The Avenger The Age of Ultron. I bought the ticket in advance because i knew that's the only way i can get a good seat without having to wait for hours in line to get the ticket. If you haven't watched this movie, you better watch it! I never thought i would love Thor as much as I do now, i event thinking of buying the figure the avengers

24 April 2015: Besties Time
Friday night after work, i went hang out with one of my friend and we tried to catch up with each other life as much as we could. She told me about her travelling experience to Europe for a month. It was really inspiring because she went there as a backpacker by herself. She visited four  countries during her trip: UK, France, German, and Netherlands. Listening to her story was definitely giving me the idea to do the same thing. Maybe not to Europe though ( because let's be real, going to Europe is so damn expensive), but at least I will try to have a trip alone to other places in Indonesia

25 April 2015: Rafting

Last Saturday was actually the day that I had been waiting for and I actually tried to heal the pain on my neck so that I could go for this trip! I went rafting to Sukabumi. My first rafting moment and it was really fun! It was 13 km rafting route of Citatih River. Maybe if you cant swim you might feel hesitate to try rafting, but don't worry because not only the rafting host provided us a safety gear like helmet and life vest, but the instructor was very reliable and experienced too. It was an amazing experience and also a tiring one. Even now when i am writing this post, i can feel my back a bit sore because of rowing and and stuff.

26 April 2015: Wedding

My dear friend Putri from CleoPutri was having a big day! It was her wedding day I was very  honored that she invited me and other blogger friends to attend her very special day. Putri looked just a like a princess that night and the wedding was so pretty and full of delicious food! It was a White and Pink wedding theme, but since I don't have any white/pink dress, I went with my basic black dress

So there you have it! My full report on why I haven't updated my blog for days. I also had been busy completing my scholarship application and i just submitted it today, so yes, no more application filling for the next few months! Yay!

Start now I can roll on my blog again and I'll see you in my next post! :)

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  1. First of all, it was Thor, not Thorn ;)

    Eh iyaa itu si Putri nikahnya akhir April yak? Kirain udah awal April kemarin hihihihi Seru yaa dateng ke nikahan temen yg bukan temen sekolah, bukan temen kerja. Temen blogger, it's a new term indeed, don't you think? ^^

    Good luck for your scholarship, mbak! xo

    1. hihihi udah gw revisi tuh...(hahaha jadi malu :D)

      Iya kemarin nikahannya tgl 26 nin, lucu banget deh, waktu sesi foto-foto si MC nya manggil: untuk teman2 beauty blogger dari Putri harap maju kedepan untuk foto bersama pengantin... dipanggil kaya gitu rasanya seneng banget... dari cuma kenal lewat blog, bisa jadi temen beneran :)))

  2. Replies
    1. hehehe iya dong, soalnya salah satu peristiwa bersejarah Big Day nya Putri, jadi harus masuk blog gw :D