March Beauty Wishlist

8:30 AM

It is that time of the month when I share my list of products that I desire to have but too scare to purchase them because they are so dang expensive. Some of the products in my March wish list are new items, but some have been around for while and I am sure you all have heard them before. My list consists of tools, skincare, and make up product, and with no further ado, here is my March Beauty Wish List

Real Techniques Bold Metal Collection 
I cant get enough of brushes, especially the ones from Real Techniques. Can we all take a moment please and just appreciate how gorgeous the latest released brushes form RT? The are called Real Techniques Bold Metal Collection. I own several Real Techniques brushes from their permanent collection and they are my favorite! For quality, I know they are expectational. However, the new ones are so expensive and the bristles are white. They are sure look pretty, but for my style, i don't think they are the ideal color for bristles. Anyhow, still wish I own them!

Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution
The age got me! I am not even 30 but my age already catching up on me! The other day, I could see slightly a dark spot under my eye and I knew for sure it is what they called " age spot". I was so upset because I use suncream and taking care of my skin diligently, but look what I've got?? A bloody dark spot! Anyway, I did some search on the web, and many people said that Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution is a perfect product to reduce the visibility of age spot and acne spot. The only thing that stop me to go and purchase this product is the price. 

Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar ( 3 wick candle)
I don't really like aroma therapy but recently I've been curious with scented candle and thinking that if I lit one on in my room, it will give my entire room a nice scent. So the other day i went to Ikea and they have some candles there, one scent that really stood up for me is the Vanilla scent. Since I knew that Bath and Body Works have some wonderful range of scented candles, I really want to try their vanilla scented candle and my choice would be Warm Vanilla Sugar

BeautyBlender Solid Cleanser
Usually I always wash my brushes with baby shampoo, however I notice sometimes it's not enough, especially after i use my brushes into their full capacity. I can see that some of my brushes that has a white tip became not as white as before. From YouTube i heard this Beautyblender Solid Blendercleanser is one of the best when it comes to cleansing your brushes. Hope I could find a cheaper dupe!

MAC Midimauve Lustre Lipstick
While now days everyone are crazy about lip tattoo, I decide that I would stick to conventional lipstick, especially mauve color lipstick.  Mauve shades really compliment my tan skin tone. It gives me a natural look and covers my dark lips perfectly. However, after relaying so much on drugstore mauve lipstick, i want to have a change and try one from the high end brand. The obvious choice is one from MAC, so I've been eyeing this mauve lipstick called MAC Midimauve Lustre Lipstick, which absolutely gorgeous!

So what's you wish list for this month? share it with me please :)

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  1. Aaakk itu kuas RT aku juga mupeng mbak >.<!
    Bagus2 yaa kayak kuas mahal banget gitu hihihi

    Oh ya, produknya Kiehls yang buat flek dan buat kulit over 50 kemarin aku nanya 700rb aja dong. Aku kan lagi nyariin produk anti aging tapi khusus flek buat mamaku, begitu liat harganya. Langsung mundur teratur -_-" Pindah yang drugstore aja lahh yang masih terjangkau :/

    1. Iyah nih yang Kiehl's katanya oke banget, tapi harganya bikin sakit rencananya mau nabung dulu nih terus beli ini. Soalnya beneran dark spot gw mulai keliatan... harus diberantas secepatnyaaa :D

  2. Aaaaa RT Bold Metalnya juga gue pengen betuullllll! Cantik banget yaaaa XD
    Brush cleanser cobain daiso aja mell.. Brush gue yang putih langsung bersih balik lagi seperti sedia kalaa

    1. Wuihh.... thanks info nya ya Van.... gw langsung meluncur ke daiso deh...jadi penasaran nih :D

  3. Mel... Aku dah pake Kiehls Clearly itu,, jatuhnya mahaaaallll banget euyyy,, dan better dipake satu seri Clearly, unt facial wash kadang BA nyuruh beli dua2nya yg ada scrub dan yg biasa.. bzzzz borossss,, Nahhhh untuk dark spot ini satu botol 600rb'an dan cuma 30 ml. Tapi kalau mau beli sepaket gitu better ke PS,, soalnya gift travel sizenya banyaakkkk hohohoho.. Tapiiiiii... Better beli SK FTE 555rb/75ml... It WORKS,, dark spotku memudar..

    Nahhhh.. Cleaser Daiso ngga ada di Indo.. huhuhuhuhuu.. Tahun lalu ada temen nitip sama temennya di Japan jg ga dapet. Tapi kayaknya sekarang di S'pore udh banyak lagi deh (sempet out of stock).. Jd belinya nitip.

    1. heh beneran?? yang SK berhasil? wah padahal gw udah mantep mau beli yang kiehls...nah sekarang jadi galau... tapi thank you ya coba browsing yang SK dulu deh.. :**

    2. Emberrrr... Kalo Shampoonya berkhasiat bangettttt tuh anak rambut banyak muncul...

      Tp tergantung wajah jg x Mel... Tp klo pake serumnya pasti tar disuruh beli satu set.. Minimal sama pelembabnya...

      Eh ada line ga??? Atau wa....

    3. oh gitu...iya, gw lagi liat dulu di ol nih...barusan kayanya ada yang lumayan trusted ol nya, soalnya gw denger sekarang banyak ol yang jugal SKii pelsong ya....

      gw adanya wa...entar gw msg di fb ya nomor hp gw