February Beauty Wishist

3:21 AM

Hello Girls,

I have not make this post for a while simply because I've been really good with my spending band. However, a girl can dream, right? So here I am making a list of products that I would love to have although even in my wildest imagination, I might end up never bought any of these. But oh well, still I put them in my wish list anyway just because at least I know - although they are totally out of my reach - these products are existed somewhere out there. 

So Dear Fairy God Mother, if you ever read my post, just please, please granted me with on or two of these products, I beg you!

Nars Reflecting Pressed Powder
If I got the chance to pick one pressed powder, I would be contemplating contemplating between Nars reflecting Pressed Powder or Hourglass Ambient Light. They both are beautiful, but I feel the Hourglass one is more sparkly and I am afraid it would look way too shiny for my face. So Nars Reflecting Pressed Powder is a safer choice for me. 

Clarisonic MIA 2
Many Beauty Gurus swear by this product, at at least 2 of my favorite beauty gurus, Essie and Judy. They both have mentioned that Clarisonic is their cult device and it really improves their skin to become more radiant and even out their skintone. The problem is, the price of Clarisonic MIA2 it's hell of an expensive but many said it's a good investment because it lasts for years and years. But if you are looking for a cheap alternative, maybe you can try Power Perfect Pore which is more affordable

It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF 50+
First time I heard about this CC cream from MakeupByTiffanyD. She mentioned this product sooo many times in her video. She said it has a good coverage and oil control also feels light on the skin. Plus, it contain high SPF. Thanks to her, now i really want to try this product as well. 

Tarte Tartelette Eyeshadow Palette
This palette is heaven. It consists of 12 matte eyeshadow shades. All beautiful and gorgeous. Once again, I heard this palette from ItsJudyTime, It's matte, it's neutral, it's butter, it's everything! And you know I am a sucker for matte eyeshadow palette, so I cannot just pass this one.

Jo Malone Cologne
If you spend your time on YouTube as much as I do, I am pretty sure, you have heard this cologne from Joe Malone. So many people praise this cologne now I am intrigue to try it myself. The thing is, it's very pricey for a bottle of cologne.

So that's my wishlist for February 2015. Let me know what's in your wishlist this month :)

Have a nice day, I'll see you in my next post!

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  1. Aaaahh.. Bau denger yang nars reflecting itu.. jadi tertarik! hmm.. Terus tartelletes! mau jugaaa aakkk XD

  2. clarisonic is indeed a good investment! aku jg lg pengen hourglass nih >< anw, salam kenal ^^

    Join my giveaway! ♡

    1. hey natasha...salam kenal ya :) yess, mudah2an abis nabung 1 dekade bisa kebeli clarisonic nya ...hehehe

  3. Ini sih semuanya Aq mau :D
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