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Hello Girls

Few months ago, Etude House just launched their new collection, and lucky me I was invited to their launching event. You maybe already have some of these new products from Etude House, but for those who haven't I want to share with you all a brief preview of Etude House latest released. Their new mega trend released product is the Magic Any Cushion, but Etude House also launch other product such as: Play 101 Pencil, Oh Happy Day Hand Bouquet, Every Month Cleansing Foam, Skin Note Mask, Color Lips-Fit and Mini Perfumes. 

1. Magic Any Cushion
This is a revolutioner product from Etude House. It came in 3 different color with 6 in 1 benefits: help to achieve lighter skin, corrects our skin tone, protect from sunlight, reduce the visibility of  wrinkles , helps to cool down the skin, and whitening. 

2. Play Nail
Play Nail has a wide range of colors. It consist of 57 solid color and 29 glitter type. The texture is jelly-like, paint, and syrup. Play Nail came with DuPoint Brush which easily to apply.

3. Play 101 Pencil
A multifunction pencil that gives comfort and ease to fix  make up. This pencil is so easy to use, even a newbie in make up can use it as well! Play 101 Pencil has a vary color and texture such as creamy, matte, glossy and shimmering with vivid colors that could be used as eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, and blush on. 

4. Color Lips-Fit
Color Lips-Fit has a light texture and came in 6 bright colors. The applicator has a unique shape which flat and rounded tip that enable us for easier use with a good longevity and matte finish. 

5. Every Month Cleansing Foam
It is a cleansing product that represent 12 month with 12 different weather. This product is designed to be a solution for our skin problem. Each bottle contains a different ingredients. Every Month Cleansing Foam helps us to moisture, tighten, brighten, nourish, reduce skin irriation, calming, and revitalize our skin. It also came with 4 types of texture: fresh cream, moist cream, moist pearl cream, and moist gel.

6. Skin Note Mask.
This is a gel tissue mask with 5 unique formula which hydrates the skin and helps to keep our skin look youthful. The series of this mask consist as follow: Deep Moisturizing Hydro gel Mask, Lifting Up Hydro gel Mask, Brightening Hydro gel Mask, Pore Tightening Hydro gel Mask, Calming Face Hydro gel Mask

7. Oh Happy Day Hand Bouquet
Inspired by "Girls' Wishes for Spring, Oh Happy Day Hand Bouquet present with various scent: Powdery Floral, Sheer Floral, Citrus, Spring Rain, and Cotton Candy. The formula consist of Polyol and Shea Butter, which twice more effective to moisture our skin all day long. 

8 Mini Perfumes ( 7 Fragrances)
It came in 7 different scent: Fresh Floral, Fruity Floral, Floral Powdery Musk, Green Floral, Citrus Floral Fruity, and Floral Musk. 

Stay tune in my blog because I will definitely review some of these products soon! Have a nice day and I'll see you  in my next post!

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  1. I love Etude House's Magic Any Cushion~ :3
    I am a new follower of your blog! C:


  2. Replies
    1. Indira...kalo mini perfumes nya aku gak dapet, jadi gak bisa review ;(
      kudu nabung dulu buat beli :(