Quick Announcment: Kay Collection is now available in Grand Indonesia

4:15 AM

Hey Girls,

I just want to tell you a quick announcment: Kay Collection is now available in Grand Indonesia. On November 22nd 2014, I was invited to their grand launching and I am happy to say: now I know where to go if I need some make up tools & equipments. 

So the new store of Kay Collection is located at Grand Indonesia, East Mall LG #16. Unfortunately, I think East Mall of Grand Indonesia is still on renovation, so to find Kay Collection's store was a bit tricky, you have to enter all the way through Ranch Market to get to the Kay Collection's store. I hope the renovation will finish soon though so Kay Collection's outlet will be more accessible 

Anyway, what's in the store? You can see all the pictures above, they have lots and lots of make up tools and all. 

The event actually didn't last too long but we got the chance to see a make over session performed by a very talented make up artist, Christia A. I am her fan on instagram. Christia A did this very simple smokey eyes to her model. Her technique was easy and effortless, but the result was so pretty and I know I am going to try her technique for New Year's Party
Christia A is so gorgeous and tall! She looks like a model
The result looks so pretty!
So that's my quick announcement. If you happen to be at the Grand Indonesia, don't forget to check out Kay Collection's Store at East Mall LG #16! That's it for this post and I'll see you in my next post! Have a nice day!

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