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Hey Ladies,

I've been wanting a BB cushion for a longest time. Two things that kind of stop me to go out and get one is, first, the fact that BB cushion is not cheap. And second, usually it's only available in a very limited shade. But as you all my read in may few last post, I was invited to Etude House Magic Any Cushion Launch Event. And I got their latest launched product, Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion, in my goodiebag! 

Magic Any Cushion from Etude House claimed to be a revolutionary new concept cushion typed, all in one formula. The product lasts all day long and it gives lasting soft & gorgeous make up with perfect fitness on skin anytime, anywhere. Here's some description for this product I gathered from the website:
  1. Pearly Soft Skin -  Bright and clean skin just like pearl -  making skin cleaner and brighter with earl mineral powder and niacin amide that has whitening effect. Outstanding hold up technique prevents darkening & sticky.
  2. 6 in 1 Speedy - multitasking, 10 seconds make up - Sunblock + Sebum powder + Moisture essence + Whitening essence + foundation + coiling functions in one product. Taking 10 sec to finish make up.
  3. Easy stamping technique - Use an exclusive air puff with evenly spread liquid foundation in holding cushion to fix makeup quickly and simply
  4. Complete coverage/perfect fitting - Non smeared, matte finish - Clean and bright make up wit complete coverage and perfect fitness. Sebum control powder removes oil so it prevents being greasy and makes flawless skin.
  5. Moisture Lock - Moist deep in the skin keeping satin finish with Hyluronic acid sodium that contains plrent of water and helps moisturizing. 

I think we all have to agree that Etude House is an expert for designing cute packaging for their products, with no exception for Magic Any Cushion as well. This cushion has a compact shape which perfect for travel or even just to carry around in your daily make up pouch. The cover design is girly and very pretty. Inside it has a separator between the cushion and the puff so that the foundation won't stain all over the place, and I believe that's the standard packaging for any BB cushion. And don't worry, you can always refill it once you run out of the product. Just push gently the surface at the back of the cushion until it removes from the packaging, and then you can put a new refill inside. 

Magic Any Cushion has liquid texture and it feels wet and sticky on my face. No doubt it's moisturised my skin once I have applied it and gives a dewy result. As you can see in my picture above, my forehead and nose look a bit shiny, but after i covered it with my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, it didn't look that bad at first. 

The problem is, I don't know if it's normal or not for cushion product, but it takes a while for the foundation to set on my face. Even after I covered it with powder, few hours later when I touched my face it still felt sticky and I looked dewy. BUT the dewiness is on a whole other level AKA I looked so oily and shiny. I sort of understand why they formulated it this way, since I know Korean Girls's definition of glowing face is so UP THERE, while my definition is soooo below that. 

Sadly, I have to inform you that even Magic Any Cushion in Peach shade, which claimed would look natural on dark skin, failed to match my slightly tan skintone. It's a tad too white for me which end up making my face looked greyish. I have to admit though, the shade was getting better after three hours, which is a little to long for my patience. 

This BB cushion delivers a thin coverage, as you can see from my picture below, it didn't really conceal my hyperpigmentation on my chin. However, this product really last a long time. The other day, I used it from 8 am and I removed my make up around 8 pm, and the product was still there. Another bonus is SPF 50 in it. As we all know, for SPF,  the higher the better!

So here's my final verdict for this product. If you have a light skintone and you desire to have a glowing skin like a Korean girl, then you need this product in your life. This is the answer for your longing. However, if you have a tan and oily skin like me, then you might want to think twice before you buy Percious Mineral Magic Any Cushion.

I agree with everyone's review that this product is perfect for daily make up BUT NOT for evening event, especially if you are going to take alot of pictures with flash, since you'll look like a ghost in every result due to high SPF in it. 

If Etude House can provide more shades for this BB cushion and drop the level of the dewiness in it, I am pretty sure I will like it and use it everyday, especially since it has a very good and fresh scent. So with that being said I will skip Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion from Etude House and stick with my drugstore foundation instead. 

So I hope you enjoy my review and I'll see you in my next post! 

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  1. Nah makanya kalau foundation/bedak jarang banget pilih produk korea, shade yang paling gelap seringnya masih ga cocok buat warna kulit aku (;_;)
    Makasih ya kak reviewnya, udah lama mau nyobain yang peach ini soalnya.


    1. hey indira, iyah nih sayang banget ya... tapi kalo kulit kamu masih agak putihan dari aku, kayanya masih cocok deh warna ini. tapi mengkilatnya itu bikin gak tahan :X

  2. Thank you for the review!
    I'm still hesitating whether to buy a BB cushion from Etude House, because I've seen that Innisfree ones are very good.

    1. hello dany, BB cushion from Etude House is actually a wonderful product, the only downside is they only offer few shades and it's too glowing for my liking. But if hv fair skin and like glowing face, maybe you should give it a try, since its longevity is awesome!

  3. Akhh, sayang sekali, dakoh kilang minyak. Tapi kan bisa diakalin oil paper yah.

    Oia main main ke blog dakoh yah

    1. iyah, sayang banget emang. bisa aja di akalin oil paper, tapi juma mempan bentar. soalnya kalo aku liat dari formulanya sendiri memang sengaja dibuat supaya keliatan shiny

  4. Aku pengen beli bb cushion dari lama cuma ragu juga karena harganya, takut ga sebanding dgn hasilnya. Thanks Melda for the review, you made up my mind slightly not to buy this hehehehe

    1. hihihi, macama mak esy, moga2 nanti etude house bisa ngeluarin produk yang lebih oke yakk

  5. di aku jg keputihan :/ tapi di akalin aja mba mel pake bedak yg warnanya satu shade sama kulit kita biar ga sayang terbengkalai sampe expired *gamau rugi* XD

    1. hahah, iyah ya sayang banget keputihan, padahal kalo warna nya pas dan gak dewy-dewy amat cocok banget buat sehari2!

  6. wah bikin makin cerah ya, aku malah suka yg kayak gini, soalnya mukaku kusam, nggak secerah tangan wkwkwk, msh pengen cobain any cushion yg biasa sih, kl ini lebih ke base yg super mahal XD


    1. iyah, emang ngasih efek putih nih, muka ama leher ku warnanya agak beda setelah di aplikasiin cushion nya...tapi mungkin di kamu warna nya bakal cocok :)

      thanks udah mampir ya :)