My Top 5 Chicklit Movie Set in New York City

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New York City , hands down, is  my favorite city in the world. I've never been to NYC but somehow I was enchanted by the charm of  Big Apple and I adore everything in it. The tall building, the quietness of central park, the billboards in Time Squares. I love it. I LOVE IT. 

My love for NYC is extending to my movies choice. I love movie with NYC back ground. And it's even doubled up when the movie  is chicklit/romantic/comedy/drama Genre. And yes, I made a list of it and i want to share with you all so in case you  crazy about this city as much as i do, or in case you haven't watched any of these movie, so you can have a clue on what awesome drama  movie took set in New York city or at least what good movie to watch.

Where should i started? It's funny and witty and it has the essence of NYC's goodness. I am all about "to expect the unexpected" element in a movie and it was portrayed beautifully in You've Got Mail. Meet Kathleen Kelly and Joe Fox, a cat VS dog in reality but two strangers with the cosmic bound in online world. This movie is my "cave" when I need me-time and I've watched it sooo many times. I really wish reality is as good as this movie but I guess it's only exist in Nora Ephron's movie.

This movie is famous for rising question on: can a guy and a girl be friends? And If you ask me, I will say yes, but my opinion is a topic for another time. When Harry met Sally is a about 2 people that hated each other at first, then became friends, then became lover, broke up, and then back together again. There are so many famous quote in this movie such as "I'll have what she's having" and "no man can be friends with a woman that he finds attractive".  You also can spot some famous landmarks in NYC such as Washington Square Park and Metropolitan Museum of Art.

3 things that make this movie so popular: Sex, Carrie Bradshaw's shoes, and of course, New York City. Not my typical chicklit to be honest, but I have a favorite scene when Mr. Big have a second thought on marrying Carry, and when she saw him she just jumped out of the car and smacked the hand bouquet to his head. It was, obviously, an epic scene. Anyhow, this movie is about Carrie that finally ties the knot with Mr. Big, but apparently the process was not as smooth as Carrie thought it would be. And you need to watch it by yourself to find out how it ends.

Last week I just watched this movie again for the gazillion of times! And after all this time, it never failed to impress me. This movie is so inspiring and encouraging especially for women. The plot is about a 30 something girl from Staten Island who's trying to make her way in corporate ladder and also love life. I love how feisty Melanie Griffith in this movie and inspired me alot in so many ways. If you also are a working girl, I bet this movie can relate so much with you.

2 things that drawn me to this movie are New York City and Audrey Hepburn. This classic movie, in my opinion, offers a very unique story that usually not my cup of tea. But i just got hooked once I saw Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) got out of a taxi, early in the morning, walked to Tiffany's store on Fifth Avenue and ate her breakfast there, while staring at the display window in a total peace. And in the background I could hear the famous Moon River (original soundtrack of Breakfast at Tiffany's) playing. It's so magical.

I think the similarity of these movies is they don't treat New York City just like a background or set, but they give the city a character/role that is irreplaceable for the movie, and for that reason they became my top 5 Chicklit Movie set in New York.

So Have you watched any of these movie? Please share what's your thought for these movie. And if you have any movie recommendation, let me know on the comment below. I hope you enjoy this post and I'll see you later!

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  1. Whoops! Ini angkatan senior semua filmnya yak ahahaha

    Udah nonton "New York I Love You" belum mbak? Ada banyak sih sebenernya yang setting-nya NYC, coba klik wikipedia New York City dan scroll ke film set in NYC hohoho

    Dari semua film di atas, yang udah nonton cuma Breakfast at Tiffany's sama Sex and The City ;)

    1. Nin, udah nonton tapi ceritanya agak aneh menurutku, apalagi film nya keroyokan...wkwkwk

  2. Kebetulan hobiku nonton film ^_^ Bisa jadi referensi nonton film selanjutnya nih! ^_^

    1. ayo Dee, sharing film dong, film romatic apa yang seru...

      btw, thanks udah mampir ya Dee :))