What's New: Garnier Duo Clean

7:51 AM

Hey Girls,

Have you read my post about Launching Event Garnier Duo Clean? If you haven't, you can read it here. But now I want to share with you all in dept introduction with Garnier Indonesia latest launched: Garnier Duo Clean

Garnier Duo Clean is a new revolution in cleansing technology presented by Garnier which become a solution for  skin problems such as large pores, dullness, and oily skin. As we all know, cleansing our face with facial foam daily can remove dead skin cells in our face. Moreover, it is advisable to clean our face with facial foam before applying moisturizer so the product will absorb well into the skin. That's why you need to choose cleansing product that perfect for our skin, and maybe Garnier Duo Clean is the answer.

Beside for  lightening  skin, Garnier Duo clean is also formulated to smoothen the skin, shrink the pores, and reduce the excess oil from our face. And not only one or two variants, but three variants of Garnier Duo Clean were released by Garnier. Each variant consist of 2 main ingredients with 2 benefits.

1. Garnier Duo Clean Grape and Lychee Extract: Whitening + Smoothening.
Enriched with grape extract and lychee essence known respectively for their anti-oxidant power and anti-dullness property. Extract grape consist of anti-oxidant ingredient which 50 times more effective compare to Vitamin E. It helps to improve the skin's ability to produce collage. Lychee essence nourish and brighten skin from the inside.  Fusion of these 2 ingredients will cleanses the skin deeply, giving you smoothen and fairer skin.

2. Garnier Duo Clean Vitamin CG and White Clay: Whitening + Oil Control
Enriched with white clay and vitamin G known respectively for their purifying power and exfoliating property. It deeply purifies the skin, control excess sebum and gently exfoliate dead skin cell for lasting fair and clear skin.

3.Garnier Duo Clean Black and White Rice Extract: Whitening + Pore Minimizing
Enriched with black rice and white rice extracts known for their skin renewal property and nourishing power. it deeply cleanses the skin, visibly reduces the pore size, and helps brighten up the skin tone.

I personally drawn to Garnier Duo Clean Vitamin CG and White Clay since I have oily combination skin and hopefully this variant will tackle that problem.

Garnier Duo Clean is now available in store and priced for Rp. 14,100 (45ml) and Rp. 22,000 (90ml). Fresh, bright, and prefect complexion is no longer a dream, you can achieve it with Garnier Duo Clean!

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