Review #35: Maybelline Miracle Water

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Hello Beauties!

Finally, a face cleansing product for lazy people like me. Well not really,  I am actually pretty hardcore when it comes to removing my make up. My ritual for cleansing  is in the following order: make up wipes > eye make up remover > foam > scrubs > toner > moisturizer. Every single night. And i do feel guilty when I skip a day. But if I choose to be lazy, I can imagine my self using a product like Maybelline Miracle Water. The idea of this product is to let us clean our make up without rinse it after. I don't know if I like that, but at least Maybelline  Miracle Water enable it for you.

This product is a new innovation from Maybelline which able to not only removes make up & trapped dirt, but also refreshens our skin just like a toner. The secret from this make up remover is the "make up absorbing micelles that act like genuine micro-captors to encapsulate dirt and makeup residues". Yes, you heard me right. Even a make up remover sounds like a spy agent's gadget. Maybelline Miracle Water is a non-fragrance, alcohol free and oil free cleansing. It's hydrated and suitable for sensitive skin. It's all goodness inside a bottle. 

Now let's get into the business here. I've been using it for a week now and so far I like it. I love how this product doesn't leave oily residue on my face and also doesn't sting my eyes like some others make up remover do. I love how simple and quick this cleansing works, just squirt it in a cotton pad and apply on whole face. For me, I use this to remove eye make up only and use wipes for the rest of my face. But I am pretty sure Maybelline Miracle Water will do a great job on cleansing my face as well. However, this product is best for removing light make up. So if you want to get rid your thick, heavy theatrical make up, this product wont work effectively. It could, but it wont be optimal, in my opinion.

Once it launched and people started noticing it, one of the question that often asked about Maybelline Miracle Water is: is it as good as Bioderma Sensibio H2O?  It's a tricky question to answer because as we all know Bioderma is a cult product for many beauty junkies out there. But the fact is although they have the same idea, you know, as non-rinse make up remover product that contains micellar water technology, they both are formulated from different ingredients. And Bioderma Micellar Water is obviously more expensive for a reason, and for me, the reason is paid off based on the result. Somehow Bioderma Micellar Water refreshen my face better and quicker in removing my eye make up.

Lastly, Maybelline Miracle water is a cheaper alternative for those of you who want to try a micellar water make up remover. It's worth the price and the packaging is travel-friendly which is always a plus. The price is IDR 50,000 and it's available in Maybelline counter.

I hope you enjoy this post and I'll see you in my next post!

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  1. I should give it a try once my makeup remover is empty! ^^
    Secara pengen Bioderma tapi masih kemahalan :( Biore pun masih mahal :/ So, Maybelline it is :)

    1. iyahhh...cobain yang ini dulu.. wah, emang Biore ngeluarin micellar water juga ya?