Review #34: Lancome Lip Lover in #316 Rose Attrape-Coeur

7:11 AM

For years and years I was not a rally hardcore fan of lip gloss. But, secretly, I made an exception. After I have tried these lip glosses a while ago, I haven’t found any other lip gloss that I like. But it was all change few weeks ago when I was introduced to Lancome Lip Lover #316 Attrape-Coeur

I first saw this product at Lancome Blogger Beauty Workshop, where Ms. Patricia the Make Up Artist, used this lip gloss for her model. At that time I thought, "oh it’s such a pretty color, too bad I am not going to buy it because it’s so expensive and no way I will spend that amount of money for a lip gloss." Luckily, all blogger participants received one after the event was over. And since then, I’ve never been apart with this lip gloss.

“ Lancome Lip Lover is a alluring lip color meets the moisturizing effects of a balm in Lancôme’s Lip Lover’s three-in-one formula. The moisturizing base provides up to eight hours of hydration, a smoothing layer supports the reduction of fine lines, and the saturated pigments leave lips with intense color.” –

Lancome Lip Lover is a lip gloss that moisturizes lips and gives enough shine without make you look somewhat just finished eating a fried banana. And this is actually what I am afraid of by using a lipgloss, my lips will end up looking too shiny and greasy. But it’s a whole different experience with this lip gloss.

The formula is thicker and glides smoothly on my lips. It’s definitely more pigmented than my other lipgloss. I have a dark lips and using a lipgloss seems useless. But Lancome Lip Lover proves me wrong. This lipgloss definitely capable to add color in my dark lips and makes it look pretty and luscious. Particularly shade  #316 Rose Attrape-Coeur, it is a light pink gloss which looks sheer but has enough pigmentation to be noticeable. It also has subtle shimmers which undetectable upon the lips.

Lancome Lip Lover could last for hours and hours and keeps my lips incredibly hydrates. I wear it since 08.30 in the morning and after I finished my lunch at 13.00,  my lips still moisturized. This is something that I hardly find in other lipgloss. Other unique feature from this lipgloss is the packaging. The lid pops off with the click of a button and the lack of a screw top prevent that awkward, goopy leakage from occurring. It definitely keeps the packaging stays clean and not messy at all.

Many people are contemplating to get a lipgloss due to its stickiness. In my opinion, Lancome Lip Liner is no different, but  compare to other lipglosses that I've tried, Lancome Lip Liner is the most comfortable lip gloss I’ve ever encountered. And it’s a huge deal for me! And the scent is sweet and refreshing which make me wanting to apply it over and over every 5 minutes. Lancome Lip Lover  in #316 Rose Attrape-Coeur is everything you could every want in a lip gloss. It’s like a liquid lipstick, gloss! 

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