Beauty Basic: 4 Types of Foundation Brushes

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Hey Girls!

When I first starting up in make up, I barely knew we needed to use brush/applicator to apply foundation. All I knew I just need to use my big ol' fingers to apply it and it's all good. But thank's to YouTube, now I know there's another way to apply foundation in order to get a better result. It's by using a foundation brush. 

However, there's a lot of kinds and shapes of foundation brush. At first, I only used one type of brush, but through out the years I have been expanding to use 4 types of brushes. Each brushes have a different effects and different result. And this time, I want to share with you all my opinion on 4 types of foundation brushes that I've been using. They are Buffing Brush, Stippling Brush, Flat Top Brush, and Classic Foundation Brush. 

Buffing Brush
Honestly, I've been reaching this brush more often than my other brushes. I like how this brush has round shape which can easily reach narrow area around my nose. The bristle usually dense and short. By buffing out this brush into your skin, you will get a flawless skin with no harsh line. Use this brush by swirling it in circular motion all over your face and to your neck as well. This brush is perfect to get a medium or full coverage. Buffing Brush works best for liquid and cream foundation. But you  can also use it for mineral foundation which I haven't tried.  Use this brush when you need to get done your make up in hurry, it's easily to work with and it will blend your foundation in a matter of second. 
  • Coverage: Medium to  Full 
  • Best for: liquid foundation, cream foundation, and mineral foundation

Stippling Brush
When I first got this brush, I had no idea what to do with it. Well, ofc, it's for foundation, but when I used it, it was kinda useless and weird. I even asked to my self, why people invented this brush? So  then I started to use this brush more and more, and now I am happy to say that I  sort of "understand" this brush. First of all, stippling brush is designed with denser bristles at the bottom and more spread out at the top. The hairs are usually made from syntactic fibers and very soft. With a proper use of Stippling Brush, you can achieve an airbrushed effect with your foundation. However, it took me a while to finally be able to use this brush properly, which is the main problem with this type of brush. This brush is not intended to be used with  too much pressure. When we do that, it will leave a streaky marks on the skin which is not the look that we are looking for. Just dab the brush into your foundation and lightly swirl it to your skin and you'll reach a satisfying result.
  • Coverage: Light to Medium
  • Best for: Liquid foundation.

Flat Top Brush
Another type of brush that immaculate to achieve a heavier coverage with your foundation. Flat Top Brush is packed with flat dense synthetic bristles which ideal for liquid, mineral, or cream foundation. The finish of this brush is similar to buffing brush, it gives flawless look with an exception that Flat Top Brush provide more coverage.  Dab the foundation onto your face and swirl the brush in circular motion all over you face and neck to get the look that you want. Here's the problem occur, since the bristle is so dense and flat, it needs more control in application and it takes a lot of muscles to work it around the face. Moreover, this brush tends to be difficult to reach certain area around my face due to its flatness.
  • Coverage: Medium to Full Coverage
  • Best for: Liquid, Cream, and Mineral Foundation

Foundation Brush
Flat Foundation Brush is a classic brush that I believe has been around for ages before other types of foundation brushes were existed. This is the brush that you need when you want a full coverage result with so little time for application. Meaning, this brush is very easy and quick to use. Just swipe, swipe, swipe and that's it! ( Kidding!) But really, it's very simple to use this brush. Flat Foundation brush is best for liquid or creamy foundation. However, many people complaint that Flat Foundation Brush sometimes leaves streaky effect on the face. So it's advisable that after the application of this brush, we smooth out the foundation with a blender or sponge.
  • Coverage: Full Coverage
  • Best for: Liquid and Cream Foundation
 If you ask me which one is my favorite foundation brush? I have to say Buffing Brush is the winner. It's easy to use and it's able to give both sheer and heavy coverage. But it depends to your own preference, I know some people love the stippling brush more than anything, or choose Flat Top Brush over the Flat Foundation Brush. So keep searching until you found the right one! I'll see you in my next post and have a nice day!

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  1. belum punya flat top brush.. lagi ngincer masami nihh hehe

    1. yg flat top brush actually is my second least favorite, soalnya agak susah dipake nya, tapi emang banyak yg bilang flat top brush masami lumayan bagus... jadi penasaran juga :)

  2. Masih bingung pilih Stippling atau Buffing nih, Flat Top juga -_-"
    Semuanya pengen punyaaaa #dasarserakah :p

    1. hmmm... either stippling or buffing brush, kalo flat top brush sebenernya masih bisa di achieve hasilnya pake buffing brush

  3. thanks for this I always use the foundation brush but I have been seeing the stippling brush everywhere and am not sure if I will know how to use it but I'll try with little less pressure

    1. yess, the no pressing technique in stippling brush indeed does wonder for the result! you should def try it!

  4. kalo stippling kayaknya di indo kurang hits ya? *sok teu* XD
    aku jarang bgt sih pake foundation, tp aku suka pake flat top brush F80nya sigma
    foundation brush malah ga pernah kepake..

    1. iyaa banget kurang nge hits yang stippling brush, tapi hasilnya bagus banget, aku sekarang lagi keranjingan pake stiplling brush. hasilnya halus dan gak ada foundation yang nutupin pori2 or whatsoever.

  5. enak buat cream blush. Flat top ama foundation brush malah gak kepake. Gak bisa makenya kali ya selalu keliatan kek mau ngelenong.

    1. hahah, samaa, yang flat top brush nya jarang aku apke juga. lebih prefer buffing ato stippling!