My 5 Favorite Beauty Gurus!

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Hey Girls!

YouTube is part of my routine. Not that I am making YouTube video or what, but I watch YouTube video  religiously every single day. I could spend hours and hours watching YouTube Videos, especially beauty videos. And I have to admit, I became a make up junkie because of Youtube

Short story, I've been subscribing to some awesome Beauty Gurus on YouTube that inspired me so much in make up department. I learn so much from them. By watching their videos now I know  how to create a smokey eyes, pick the right shade of foundation, how style my hair and  make a hair do. Not only they good in make up,  they also have a great personality and funny. And everytime their new video is up, I got very excited and need to watch it on that very second.

So with no further ado here are my 5 favorite Beauty Gurus!

I love her product review video, I think it's one the best. Her review is always on point and I love how she always try out the product through out the day and then check in several times in a day to show us how the products look on her. I know this sounds such a creepers, but I honestly love the way she talks, she's so well spoken and interesting to hear. Since my skin type is similar to Judy's, I know that I can rely so much on her review. Oh Btw, she also filming her life every single day, and I watching her life it's like watching a reality TV show. It's so fun!

Carah Amelie
She's one of the first beauty guru that I subscribe to. Love her beauty and fashion video. Her make up tutorial videos  are always wearable and perfect for everyday basis. She's the one that inspired me to wear make up every single day. Another thing that makes me love her is the fact that most of products she uses are drugstore brand. Carah also has vlogs channel where she filming her everyday life with her family.

Who doesn't know Pixiwoo sisters? They are YouTuber that consist of 2 siblings, Samantha and Nic Chapman. Pixiwoo is clearly one of the best of  on their field. I leaned so much from them. And their make up tutorial video is something that I always looking forward to. They are so talented and creative, their tutorial can be Avant-garde, editorial, and also casual. They are also the persons behind The real Technique Make Up Brush. If you haven't tried their brush, you should!

Essie Button
I just love this girl so much. Estee aka Essie Button is a British-based YouTuber. She's actually a Canadian but she moved to UK several years ago. Estee is not your typical beauty guru I guess, she's very funny and quirky, and a girl next door type of girl. She might be not as expert as Pixiwoo sisters or other beauty gurus, but her video is always fun to watch and I love her review video. Watching her video never failed to make me laugh.

HeyClaire is YouTube channel name for Claire Marshal, a YouTuber located in LA, USA. She makes beauty and fashion video. Her style is probably not for everyone because it's so edgy and a little "out there" but how she film and edit her video is so different and unique. Her signature style is her cat eyeliner which is so impeccable. She's definitely my new favorite beauty guru!

So that's my 5 favorite beauty guru! Let me know who's your favorite YouTuber, I'd love to know!
Have a nice day Girls!

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  1. aku juga favorit sama pixiwoo, siapa yang ngga coba ya imelda, hihihi..
    buat hair style, aku suka lilith moon. keren banget hair style nya dia. eventough aku pake hijab, tapi ga pernah bosen lilith moon :D
    Michelle Phan is my first beauty guru I watched in youtube. tapi entah kenapa sejak dia reposisi dagu, makin cantik tapi asia-face nya jadi ga terlalu keliatan lagi (eh ko jadi gosip ya imelda, hihiihi)

    Nice Post

    1. iyah manda, dulu aku suka michelle phan tapi sekarang biasa aja..paling kadang2 aja liat video nya dia...kalo untuk tutorial sekarang aku lebih suka liat video2 dari youtuber lain

  2. I love Michelle Phan and Bubzbeauty (:
    I've never checked out these 5 ladies. Thank you for the info. Would like to check them ^^

    Dreamy Princess

    1. aww you should really watch them...they are fun to watch!

  3. Hey, you have a really nice Blog with interesting Stuff on it! :)
    Do you want to follow each other via GFC? If yes please let me know and i follow back :*

    Greetings & Kisses from Germany