Review #31: Conair Hot Clips Multi-Size Hot Rollers

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Hey Girls!

 I've mentioned before in my Birthday's Wish list that I wanted to have Conair Hot Clips Multi-Size Hot Rollers, and my wish came true! My boyfriend got me this Conair Hot Clips Multi-Size Hot Rollers on my birthday, and I was beyond happy, because after my accident with the curling iron, I kinda traumatized to use that type of  curler tool and end up with me not curling my hair for months. But now it's all change and I am back with my curly hair using the Conair Hot Clips Multi-Size Hot Rollers.

So if you are like me (watching YouTube alot) I am pretty sure you've seen this type of curler tool on Youtube. Hot rollers work with heated technology allowing you to plug them in, let them warm, then roll
the hair in sections. It's simple process, in my opinion. For me, I saw this product  for the first time on ItsJudyTime. In her video, she showed how to curl hair using the hot rollers and I just got hooked and I knew one day I have to get one. Apparently after I searched here and there, there's alot of type of hot rollers from various brands. But I want the one from Conair because Judy uses the same brand. #youtubemakesmedoit.

And there's actually several type of hot rollers from Conair, but I particularly drawn to this type because Conair Hot Clips Multi-Size Hot Rollers came with multi size roller. They are 20 ceramic flocked rollers: 8 large rollers, 6 medium rollers, and 6 small rollers. It also came with 20 heated clips. With this various size of rollers we could achieve  tight curls, full curls, and also bouncy curls. 

To use this hot rollers is very simple, I just have to plug in the cord, and then the red light will go on and the rollers will heat up quickly. I would know the rollers is ready to use when the ready dot on one of the roller turn transparent white. The fastes way to heat the rollers and clips is by closing the lid of the hairsetter so it will keep the temperature inside,  and once the rollers reach the temperature I want, I can start to setting my hair. When I finish using it, I will let hairsetter to cool down first before store in a safe place. 

How I curl my hair with this hot rollers is not as simple as I thought it would  be. First of all, for someone that's not using hair rollers too often, it would be slightly difficult using the hot rollers for the first couple of times. I was having a hard time putting the rollers on my hair and how to clip it. But basically, what I do is I place ends of my hair on the roller and wind toward scalp. I roll up my hair firmly, and remove clip from heated rail and secure it over the roller and so on. For the pics below, I didn't use hairspray or any hair products.

So here's my thought about Conair Hot Clips Multi-Size Hot Rollers. I think this product save my time so much. When I used the curling iron, it would get me around 30 minutes from heating up the wand to getting my hair curled and ready . But when I use this hot roller, it only takes me around 15 minutes to put all the hot rollers to my hair. Also for someone that tends to sweat when applying make up, I find this hot rollers is a life changing. Because when I used the curling iron, my make up would be melting by the time I finished curling my hair. But with hot rollers I can just roll my hair then do my make up, and when make up is done my hair is also done and no sweat at all. I also don't have to deal with the risk of getting a burned skin again using this hot rollers. 

However, I find that I could only get a certain type of curls with this hot rollers. With that being said,  Conair Hot Clips Multi-Size Hot Rollers provides a limited style of curled hair and not as much as curling iron. Other thing in my cons side is the rollers can be very hot to touch and become difficult to place on my hair. Also the clip that's suppose to secure the hair to the rollers sometimes weighing down the hair and it pulled down the roller. It's always happened especially when I rolled up my hair against my face, everytime I did that the clip wont stay put. And yes, Conair Hot Clips Multi-Size Hot Rollers is not travel friendly. It's great if I use it at home, but it's too big to carry around for travel.

Even with all the cons from this product, I am still loving my hot rollers. I feel happy enough with the curl that I achieved using this product, and the curls actually last for hours for my medium texture hair ( my hair texture is either fine nor coarse). I have to say though, hot rollers is definitely not for everybody, but it's a great alternative to curl your hair without using a curling iron. And if you are looking for volumes, then hot roller is a perfect choice

Have you tried this product? What tool do you use to curl your hair?

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  1. Replies
    1. Mak lina, ini cowok ku yang beliin.... dia beli di amazon terus di post in ke Indo mak.

    2. cowok nya baik yah XD.
      belum berani aneka penataan, masih perbaikan rambut nih cuman yahhh mupeng :)

      btw, Main-Main ke Blog daku yah,
      Makasih :)


  2. interesting... :)
    i really want to know how much the price ?
    i've seen one of my favorite beauty guru used this kinda roller

    1. Hey Vera,

      kalo di offical website nya sekitar 49 dollar tapi di amazon lebih murah sekitar 33 dollar.. ember, banyak banget youtuber yang pake ini, dan aku pun keracunan :D

  3. melll itu cuman diroll aajaa jadi bagus banget? cowomuuu baik amat sampe dibeliin lewat amajon gitu hihihi :)

    1. iya put...roll nya panas makanya hasilnya jadi keriwil gitu....
      cowo aku tinggal di luar put, jadi dia emang sering beli lewat amajon gitu...trus barang nya di pos in deh ke aku...hihihihi :D

  4. Beautiful result! Your hair looks amazing.

    Keisha xo

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