What's Inside My Bag - Travel Edition

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Hey Girls!
Last month I went  traveling to Malang.  I had 2 destination for this trip: Sempu Island and Mt. Bromo. In Sempu Island, we camped for a night in Segara Anakan, and it was actually my first camping experience!  Finally I embraced my natural/wildlife side!

 For this trip I went with another 13 other people which are friends of my friend. So technically, I tagged them along for this trip. And yes, this trip was a backpacker style and it was a 4 days trip, and since I only bring a carrier, I tried to pack as minimum as possible and bring only essential things for the camping and trip to Mt. Bromo.  So here's what's inside my carrier for my first camping trip In Sempu Island and trip to Mt.Bromo.

  • I brought 3 long sleeves shirt, 1 pants, 1 sweater, 1 short, towel, and socks.
  • People said it was really cold in Mt. Bromo (it was!) so I brought extra socks.
  • I folded all my clothes in army style so it didn't take too much space in my carrier. If you curious how I did it, you can watch it here.
  • After I folded them, I put them inside a plastic bag, in case it was raining when we were trekking, my clothes wont get wet. 

Personal Hygine Stuff:
  • My friends said there was no clean water in Segara Anaka (and it's true!) so we were advised to bring wet tissue if we want to take a "private time".
  • I also brought my favorite facial cleaning wipes for cleaning my face after spending hours playing at the beach. 
  • Of course, toothbrush+toothpaste, soap, cleansing soap and shampoo and deodorant is a must!
  • In Mt. Bromo it was so cold and yet so hot because we closer to the sun, to prevent sunburn I brought my sunblock. 
  • Lipbalm is simply needed everytime everywhere.
  • Nuggets: In Sempu Island we had to go inside the jungle and hide behind the bushes if we want to take a "private time". It was so hardcore i know, but that's the perks of a camping trip! And yes, we also didnt shower as long as we were there! (eeeww, gross!) but we took shower as soon as we arrived at the hostel in Mt. Bromo

Miscellaneous Stuff
  • A hat and gloves is obligatory for trip to Mt. Bromo because it was soooo cold there.
  • Flashlight and light was needed for walking in the middle of the night at the Jungle in Sempu Island for taking "private time"
  • I also brought my pocket camera, my phone charger, a small size wallet that enough for cards and some money.
  • Oh and I also brought my power bank, which was very handy because we spent so many time on the road and to kill our boredom we played with our phone alot which took up our battery.

  • We went to Malang by train and we spent around 11 hours at the train, it was the longestttt ride ever.
  • And because the train didn't  stay too long in every station that we passed, I brought some snacks that should be enough for a night. 
  • For trip to Sempu Island I brought 1.5 litter of water because there's no fresh water there. 
  • We were told not to litter and there's actually no trash bin in Sempu Island, so we brought plastic bag for our trash.

So that's what's inside my travel bag/carrier. All in all I tried to carry as efficient as possible for this trip. And for the trip it self was really an awesome experienced and something that I wont forget! Here's some photos from my trip, every time I see these they  always bring smile to my face.
 Cant wait to have my next trip!

bundle up to stay warm!
Sunrise at Mt. Bromo
last day at Segara Anakan
Savanna at Mt. Bromo

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