Review #23: Ben Nye Color Wheel SK-1

3:24 AM

Hey Ladies,

I am back with another post from Ben Nye product. After i reviewed the famous Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder, now I am going to share my thought on Ben Nye Cover All Concealer Wheel SK-I. Short info, Ben Nye is the leading makeup brand used by professionals in theater and show business. This brand get a hits attention after the picture of Kim Kardashians using the Banana Powder got viral. Since then, many beauty lovers pay more attention for this brand. 

For creating a sculpted face or getting into character, many make up artist using concealer to achieve those look. In order to do that Ben Nye has a Special Color wheel that according to the website is "a compact and color-rich concealer, a wheel that does it all, whether for covering tattoo, sculpting and contouring your face, getting into character or hiding veins, hyper pigmentation or under eye circles.". This Color Wheel Conclear comes in 4 range of colors
Cover-All Wheel (SK-1) : Four of the most classic and universal concealing and correcting shades,
Tattoo Cover Wheel (SK-11) : Specialize for cover and conceal tattoo
Highlight Wheel (SK-2) : Brighten and accentuate for beauty as well as add detail to character looks.
Shadow Wheel (SK-3) : Cast shadows for old age and character looks, as well as distinct definition

When I wanted to buy this concealer I was a bit confused because I was not sure what I wanted, but then i just pick the classic one, because I think it  has the most safety color selection, not too dark or too white, and has all kind of colors that prefect to hide blemishes, redness, etc.
This Color Wheel Concealer has 4 colors:

Mellow Yellow : Covers redness, blemishes, scars, and capillaries.
Mellow Orange : Neutralize blue-green face and body imperfections including veins, tattoos, bruises and deep under-eye discolorations.
Corvette Cover-Up : Covers scar tissue, birthmarks, vitiligo and post-op skin discoloration.
Five O'Sharp Series : Conceals deep discolorations, black eye or intense under-eye discoloration.

From my experience, I use Corvette Cover-up for daily basis. Compare to other colors, this shade match my skin tone perfectly, and it does conceal my blemishes or dark eye area and can be use as highlight as well. It definitely has a thicker consistency but it feels light on the skin and once it sets, it wont smudge or crease and last long.

To see how well this product conceal the imperfection on my skin, I tried to apply it on a scar on my thigh ( yes, that's my thigh right there) and it really hides the discoloration of it.

I think this is an excellent product, it really does the job and I can mix the color to get the shades that i desire. But after 2 month using this, I feel like this product would give more benefit for a make up artist, because personally I only use 1 shades from 4 shades that available, and what will I do for the other 3? I have no idea, maybe I could use it when I do make up for my friends which is not often.

I feel it would be more useful if I pick Highlight Wheel SK-2 instead which has both contour and highlight shades that could easily turn as concealer as well.

Overall, I think this product is wonderful and very versatile. I love this product as a concealer and highlight. Will I purchase it again? Yes of course!

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  1. waaa lumayan warnanya versatile ya? berapa ini belinya Mel?

    1. iya mba versatile, bisa dicampur-campur warnanya...aku kemarin belinya 210rb..ayooo di coba mba!

  2. ini bagus ya mel? ahhh sayang aku dah beli makeover :(

    1. Put, iya aku suka...bisa jadi concealer/highlight juga... produknya multifungsi!