Review #21: Dangerous Palette from Urban Decay

7:51 AM

Hey Beautiful!

I am sure you've already heard about this awesome palette from Urban Decay:  Dangerous Palette. This palette has been released around 2 years ago and actually it has sisters: Fun Palette and Feminine Palette. For some reasons I have drawn more to this palette instead of its sisters. So I decided to bought it and I dont regret it at all!

I already own Naked Palette before I purchased this palette so I knew it was going to be amazing, and it is! I've been using this palette for 2 months now, and I want to share with you all my thought about this super fun eyeshadow palette

First of all, take a look of the's just sooo cool. It's compact, very travel friendly... and it has zipper! I mean, I've never seen any palette with a zipper before, have you? Other reason that makes this packaging is so special is I can remove the eyeshadow and reuse it as a make up pouch! Funny thing is, the design and material of Dangerous Palette for some reason reminds me of Cat Woman suits, strange I know.

The color theme of this palette is jewel tones with various dark colors, so yes, there's no highlight shade in it.  One thing for sure, all the colors are shimmers, so if you are a matte lover, you probably want to stay away from this palette. Since all the shades are shimmery and dark, I always have to combine  it with color from other palette to get the look that I want - something that actually is not very efficient for a palette , but it doesn't really bother me because I still can create so many beautiful look - especially smokey eye- with it.

Deeper | Ace | gravity
My favorite color from this palette are Loaded (Green Jade) and Evidence (Deep Blue), because I only use neutral color for my daily basis so I find these deep jewel shades very fascinating. My least favorite shade has to be Gravity, this shimmer purple color has noticeable glittes that I dislike in an eyeshadow. The texture of each color is different from one and another: Gravity has buttery texture. Loaded, Deeper and Mushroom have semi satin finish, Evidence & Ace both have satin/velvety texture. 

Oh, btw, have I mentioned this palette include a travel-sized  Naked Lip Junkie Lip Gloss? Unfortunately the shades doesn't flatter me too much since it's very nude. 

This palette is amazing and all, but in my opinion it's more like a complimentary palette rather than a main palette. Yes it's all shimmer and dark, but it's also versatile and I could create various look for day and night with this palette. It's absolutely a nice addition for my palette collection.

So what do you think about Dangerous Palette? Share it with me please

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  1. aduuuuhh kece banget palette nyaaaaaaaaaaaa, mauuuukkk xD
    nice review!
    where did you buy it and how much?? *bisa dimasukin wishlist* hahhaha

    1. Ola, gw beli di Mimo harganya sekitar 300an kalo gak salah..ayo2 dicobaaa

  2. aaaah, aku juga pecinta palette ini! aku udh pernah review di sini

    kiss kiss

  3. gyaaa warnanya cakep cakep semuaaahhhh X)

  4. Aduh warnanya warm banget, nice review Imel :))

    1. Amelia, iyaa warnanya warm semuaa...cocok buat smokey eyes :))
      thanks for stoping by yaa :**

  5. I'm always a fan of Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palettes! Their colors are easy to blend, but sadly I've already had many palettes so I didn't take this one :(
    Nice post btw! Love it ;))


    1. lol..haha yea me tooo....i already have too many palette as well, i am not sure how i will use them all before they expire :XXX