FOTD: Dangerous Look with Dangerous Palette

6:36 AM

Hey Gorgeous,

I actually made thi FOTD weeks weeks ago.. in fact it was basically mummified in my draft...but I managed to set it free and share it with you all.. Honestly, I was not so sure with the theme of this look , I was leaning toward Fierce/Edgy Look  and it turned out like this. Am I succeeded? I am not sure, you decide.

I have to admit I tried to imitate Lara Croft's style with ponytail and black tank top. So I guess I can call it Lara Croft with Edgy Eye look? What do you think?
Actually, I never watched Lara Croft movie at all. It's weird I know, but I am just picky about movie, and somehow I am not very interested to watch Lara Croft, nevertheless, I think Angeline Jolie looks fab as always in it. Talking about Angeline Jolie, have you seen her latest movie, Maleficent? I havent and I want to watch it soo bad.

Btw, for eye look, I used eyeshadow from Dangerous suits this look, doesn't it? Dangerous look with Dangerous Palette! :D I am so happy I decided to get this palette, the colors are so define and beautifull. Yes, it's not a palette for everyone since it only has shimmer and dark colors but when it comes to making a smokey eyes, this palette is the winner.

Anyway, here I list all the products I used:
Make Up Forever HD Foundation
Ben Nye Special Color Wheel
Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder
The Balm FratBoy
Almay Brow Defining Pencil
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Urban Decay Dangerous Palette
L'Oreal Lineur Intense
Rimmel Scandaleyes liner
Ardel Lashes
NYX Black Label Lisptick Diva

I hope you all have a wonderful day and see you in my next post!

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  1. hay kak :D
    aq newbie dlm makeup, aq msih bngung nyari warna foundie yg cocok sm aq, kbtulan kulit ku sm kk mirip...
    ad saran kak buat shade foundie yg bsa aq coba :D
    thx sblmnya kak... ^^

    o iya, kulitku normal trkdang brminyak tp cm sdkit hehe

    1. hey Vera makasih udah mampir yaa ;)))

      kalau foundation aku pake revlon color stay...cocok banget pake ini dan harga terjangkau juga. di foto ini karena ada efek lighting, aku jadi keliatan lebih putih, tapi aslinya lebih itemmm :X shade yg aku pake Golden Caramel. Kalo kulit kamu memang gelapnya sama ky kulit aku, harusnya shade ini cocok juga ama kamu..hope it helps yaa :)

    2. Iya kak sama2 ^^
      Yah aku warnanya kurleb kayak kulit kk pas di foto itu...
      Mmm revlon ya.. Boleh deh nnti aq coba :D habis bingung sih masih nyari shadenya...
      Makasih ya kak infonya ^^