Scar From "Lion King" Make Up Inspired

6:16 AM

Hey Disney Fans!

Today I want to share with you all my make up creation inspired by Scar the sneaky lion from Lion King Movie. Lion King is one of my first Disney movie ever and I remember I dislike Scar so much back then, because he was just BAD.

I create this look to join Looxperiments Make Up Challenge for May 2014, and the theme for this month is Disney Villain. I actually always want to join Looxperiment Make Up Challenge, but never got around to it, so I am very happy when I am finally did it.!
Scar's pose when he's taking selfies: Tongue-out Face | Happy Face | Duck Face
One thing that I regret about this look is I kept pulling my hair up in every single picture instead of letting it down so I will look more like a lion. 
If you are wondering what make up product I used, I used Snazaroo Face Painting Kit and I set it  with Coastal Scent Eyeshadow. Pretty Simple!

So who's your favorite Disney Villain? Share it with me please

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  1. keren baangett.. malah gemes liatnya bukan takuutt!!♥ hahahaha
    good luck yah smg menangg :)

  2. Keren banget kakkk , unyuuuu whehehhee
    Good luck kak

  3. Lucuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu meeelll...gemeezzz

    1. hahaha malah ngegemesin ya?wkwkw, pdhl mau nya serem

  4. mba imel ini kereeeeenn!!!
    hihi aku ngeliatnya malah imut bukannya serem gara2 3set selfienya >_<

  5. Wowww that's so cool!! You did a great job on that look! Awesome!
    Btw, I already posted the inspiring blogger award, you can see it in my blog :))


    1. Rosalina thanks alot! :** will check out ur post soon! :)))))