Review #20: Holika-Holika Jewel-Light Water Proof Eyeliner #18 Coral Orange

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Hey Girls!

I am certainly a Review Monster lately. Woohooo! I made a review post 3 times in a row now, something that I rarely do actually.

So let's talk about Holika-Holika, a Korean Brand that I never tried before. I have to say that my experience with Korean make up products is very limited. The furthest I ever got was buying The Faceshop BB cream which looked way too white for my skin. And let me be honest, Korean Make Up product is just not my "genre" or what ever you want to call it. So few weeks ago, when I got this Holika-Holika Jewel-Light Waterproof  Eyeliner  in shade #18 Coral Orange, I was not too sure. First, because it's Orange color, and second , because it's eyeliner. But I have to say though, the idea of orange eyeliner sounds really fun and funky! . 

Basically, after I tried Holika-Holika Jewel-Light Waterproof Eyeliner, it gave me a mix feeling. I like this product because it's Orange, it's waterproof, very easy to sharpen, and very pigmented. On the other hand It dry very fast and difficult for making a precise line. 

So it seems like it has more pro instead of cons. Well, yes. But the cons from this eyeliner is enough to make me not wanting to purchase it. When I applied it to my lid, I felt like I was pulling my lid and after a while it cracked on my lid.
HORROR, pure horror.

Overall, I really try to love this product mainly because how pigmented and fun the color is, but I am just not impressed with it. This product would be a nice addition for my eyeliner collection because it's Orange, but it's not something that I am crazy about.

So have you tried this eyeliner? Did you get any luck? Share it with me please

This product was given to me as part of a goodie bag from Cosmekita event. This product is intended for review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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I am thankful because your simple thought about me 

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  1. sekali kali pergi pake eyeliner ini seru juga kali ya mba, biar matanya makin pop :D

    1. hahaha...warnanya emang seru nuy! macem2 lagi warnanya

  2. Wow, I always love colorful eyeliners even though I rarely wear it. Thanks for the review! :))


  3. I will neve rbrave enogh to try colored eye liner, but they look so good on you? the color did POP!

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    1. hey thanks alot! yes the color is so pigmented, isnt it? :))