Event Report: Shu Uemura Make Up Event

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Hello Beautiful!

At 18 April 2014 Shu Uemura held a make up event in Lotte Shopping Avenue Jakarta. The theme of this event was "Find Your Ideal Glow" and there's a make up demo for their newest lunched products, Light Bulb UV Compact Foundation and Calligraph:ink Eyeliner. This event was divided into 2 sessions. Session 1 at 03.00pm and Session 2 at 06.00pm. Me and another 12 beauty bloggers were so lucky to get invited to participate in this event. 

MUA in action!

the finish result f the demo
Shu Uemura counter at Lotte Shopping Avenue has a complete and very wide selection of products. From make up, lashes, and Skin care products. The make up demo was performed by Shu Uemura Make Up Artist and most of the used products were coming from their latest collection: Light Bulb UV compact foundation, Light Bulb UV Compact and Calligraph:ink Eyeliner. The final result was so pretty, the model looked so flawless and glowing (it makes me want to buy the foundation too!). Next the MUA added a fun element by creating a fun eyeliner design for the look using the Calligraph:ink.

The Lightbulb UV compact foundation formulated with the light bulb oleo-technology and the lightbulb pearl, together with an original double-sided sponge will give you a flawless complexion without looking powdery. When I applied this foundation, it felt so soft and gave matte finished to my skin without making it looked dull. 

Calligraph:ink is a Japanese calligraphy-inspired brush that enables us to draw any width of line with ultimate control and accuracy. In my opinion this eyeliner is amazing, it's very easy to use and very precise, perfect for detalied eyeliner design. Moreover, if the ink is running low, you can buy the refill! Something that I never heard before from an liquid eyeliner. 

And now it's time for beauty bloggers for some action! To participate for this event, all beauty bloggers have to recreate one of the look from Shu Uemura Make Up Catalog using products that available in Shu Uemura counter. I tried to recreate Sweet Fairies looks because I love the springy color from the eyeshadow. It looks so fresh and vibrant.

Sweet Fairies Look
and here's my attempt to recreate it...and yep, it's a total fail! :D

Product I used:

Nunu, Dila and Endi
All beauty bloggers that participated

Special thanks to Shu Uemura Indonesia for creating this event, it was so much fun and I had a blast time participating in this event! See you in my next post and have a nice weekend girls!

Today's gratitude:
I am thankful for my brother's first job.

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  1. Replies
    1. Leonita sama2 ya! salam kenal juga...kemarin di event nya belum sempet kenalan ya :D

  2. ayeeeyy ~ semoga kita bisa seru seruan di event lainnya mba :D

    1. iya nuy!...moga2 next time bisa ketemuan lagi ya :DD

  3. Imeldaaa~ make up look yg kamu bikin nggak 'a total fail' kok.. it was your own fairy make up :D kalau dikasih nama mungkin cocoknya 'Fairy's Wings' :D mirip sama sayap peri kecil gitu soalnya :3 hihihi

    1. haha Dilaa..nama yg cocok Fairy's Broken Wings kali yee.. hahaha secara sayap nya kecil amatt :D

  4. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog and for following. I just started following back!


  5. Make up nya chic.. Salam kenal yah..


    1. hey Jean! makasih ya n salam kenal juga! kemarin waktu di event nya blm sempet kenalan :))
      semoga next time bisa ketemuan lagi di event2 lain

  6. Hai Imelda, nice to mee you di event kemarin yaa! ^^
    maaf kemarin kesenggol2 aku soalnya sumpek banget disitu venue nya huhuhu... T__T]
    btw itu mana ada deh total fail! hahaha jangan rendah diri ><

    1. lol nita! nice to meet you too juga ya kemarin! haha, sama2, kemarin rusuh banget emang :D tapi teteup rame n fun banget..
      hadeuh dibanding hasil yang kamu mah yg punya aku beneran gagal total deh :D secara yg punya kamu keren bangett!

  7. Nice post dear! I really want to go to some events like this but somehow I'm not up-to-date enough with these, could you tell me if there's an event like this again? I'd love to attend it :))
    Btw, thank you for your liebster awards answers, I also love dancing and I really love your quote, so inspiring! Hope your dreams come true! Keep in touch ;)


    1. Hey Rosalina, thanks ya for the sweet comment,, aminn hope your dreams will come true as well! nice to know that u love dancing too! high five! :D

      btw, biasanya aku tahu ada event kaya2 gini dari Indonesian Beauty Blogger, kalo mau kamu join aja group nya di FB, biasanya suka di umumin kalo ada yg kaya2 gini kok...cobain deh :D

  8. Haiiii...

    Seru banget yah ketemu-ketemu dengan sesama blogger. huhuhhuhu... kepengennnn...


    1. hayu miss plum! ketemuan yukk kalo ada event2 kaya gini....pasti rame bangettt :D