Event Report: Beauty Blogger Gathering with Biokos and Caring Colours

7:59 AM

Hey Girls!

I am back with an event report from Beauty Blogger Gathering with Biokos and Caring Colours. This event -with the support from Martha Tilaar Group - was held at March 29th, 2014 at Outback Steak in Kuningan City

This gathering was held as an appreciation from Martha Tilaar Group to Indonesian Beauty Bloggers, that always share and informative for local brand such as Martha Tilaar Group.

In this event we were introduced to two famous brand branch from Martha Tilaar Group, Biokos and Caring Colours. Caring Colours is addressed for modern and active female with various activity to reach an optimal appearance while doing daily routine. While Biokos, as we all may know, specialized in skincare and brought their latest technology to create a perfect skincare product for our skin.

and here's the even report:
  • 11.00  Beauty bloggers started arriving at the venue, Outback Steak, Kuningan City
  • 11.30 Event opening 
  • 12.00 Mingled with my new beauty bloggers friends, Putri, Iva, and Yuka, and suddenly a very special guest arrived.
Ibu Martha Tilaar in action
a pic is a must with Ibu Martha Tilaar. 
  • 12.05 Yep, Mrs. Martha Tillaar herself, showed up at the event! It was so amazing, it felt surreal! She stated a very important massage: to appreciate more local brand such as Marta Tilaar. 
  • 12.15 Lunch time! We got a special menu from the Outback Steak! 

  • 12.45 The presentation started
  • 12.50. The first speaker, Ibu Edwina Waas, School Principle of Puspita Martha International Beauty School, gave us few examples of Beautypreuneur in Indonesia. And I have to admit, this field is quite tempting and very promising. 
  • 14.00 Second presentation from dr Astrid. She explained about the importance of knowing every ingredient in our beauty products. So insightful!
Top L-R: Ibu Edwina Waas/dr Astrid . Bottom: Mba Nur Azizah/ Mas Tony MLK
  • 14.45 Make Up Class. Yippie!
  • 15.50 Ms. Nur Azizah showed us the correct way to clean our face and to do self-facial. 
  • 15.15 Beauty Class with Tony Malik and he taught us how to sew our lashes to the falsies! Very interesting!
  • 15.45. Closing time, goody bag and photo session!
wonderful goody bag from Biokos and Caring!
borrowed pic from Putri :D
borrowed pic from Yuka!
Special Thanks for Biokos, Caring Colours and Martha Tilaar Group to make this event happened!

Gratitude for Today:
I am thankful for the sanity

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  1. ihhh kamu dapet mini beauty box dari bb cream nya caring ya? aku ga dapet ahahhah ;p

    1. heh?? masa sihh? hahaha... ato jangan2 ada juga yg gw gak dapet tapi kamu dapet?

    2. nggak ciyuuss banyakan kamu punya hahahhaha >_< *sediih*