World Around Me 03/03/2014

2:12 AM

Happy Monday Lovelies! I've been away from my blog this weekend and many things happened these last few days. While I am in a gloomy mood right now, Mother Earth certainly doesnt stop spinning around:

Oscar result for 2014 is here! I am so exited to know that Jared Leto won the Best Male Supporting Actor. He's definitely my new crush!

Blogging world is officially replacing my dancing routine. I am just happy that I can find other things to keep me busy after I took break from dancing. Maintaining my blog is something that i do daily now, and this tip from Emily Noel is one hell of a tip for a newbie blogger like me.

Another great tips for blogging is coming from one of my favorite beauty blogger London Beauty Queen, she's having a great tips in taking photos for blog!

My fellow blogger Lova Adlina from Clovers and Caraousel just posted up Skinfood Milky Rose Spring 2014 Makeup Collection! They all look like heaven!

If you are looking for a brush cleanser, you should try PAC Brush Cleanser ( i want to try it too). Cut Auzola wrote a complete review on her blog !

First week of March! So what's exciting thing that will happen in March for you? Care to share it with me :)))

Gratitude for today:
I am grateful for my health, family, and my job. Even in the most depressing situation, there's always something that we could be grateful for

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  1. aaa ada namaku :") terima kasihhh
    kerennyaa bisa nari :D

    1. hahaha your welcome say! nari nya lagi break nih, sekarang blogging dulu aja :D