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Hey Lovelies!

I am back with a post from lip department! Today I want to share with you all one of my favorite lipstick ever, which is NYX Black Label Lipstick. From all NYX Lipstick Line that I've tried, I got to say I like this line the best

First of all lets talk about the packaging. Just look at them.... see all those gorgeous lace print and sleek packaging? They definitely look expensive and luxurious. And I love the clear container at the bottom, so I can pick the color easily. 

Another thing that made me fall in love with lipstick is the texture. It's very creamy and moisturizing. The formula is quite different than other lipstick that I've tried before, it feels like lip balm because it's very hydrating. When I apply it, it glides smoothly like a butter and doesn't dry out my lips. Since it's so creamy, the longevity is no very long, but no worries, I just need to re-apply it and my lipstick will be back to the game. 

TOP: Beige// Cherry - BOTTOM: Bling//Diva
Since I bought all my NYX Black Label Lipstick online, I picked all the colors from the website, some are meh some are great,  and this is what I got:
  • Diva: from the second picture above, it's obvious that I wear this color the most. It's mauve with a hint of pink and it's perfect for me. It's definitely my MLBB lipstick and have good coverage for my dark lips. 
  • Cherry: this is a true cherry red lipstick, very gorgeous and gives brightening effect to my skin. The texture is rather sheer, so you need to build up the color to get an even result. 
  • Beige: this is a nude color and definitely more opaque compare to the other 3.  I actually feel difficult to pull off this shade, but with the help from lip liner and other lipstick, it could do the trick. 
  • Bling: It's a light pink/purple ish color that will look great on people with fairer skin tone. I was kind of expected the color would be as lovely as Diva, but it washes me out. Nevertheless, I still love this shade and I usually mix it with other color. 

NYX Black Label Lipstick is definitely not a matte lipstick. It gives you glossy finish and leaves your lips looking irresistibly luscious. Plus, the sweet candy scent from this lipstick is absolutely delicious. I cant get enough of it! 

So have you tried this NYX Black Label Lipstick? What do you think about his product? Share with me please. 

Gratitude for Today:
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  1. love the "cherry" shade...
    nice review


    1. iyah...aku juga suka banget! :))

      thanks udah mampir ya Hani :))

  2. nice review kak! duh packagingnyaa *.* yang diva bagus banget di kakak :3
    aku lebih suka yg finishnya kayak gini daripada yg matte, semoga kapan2 bisa nyobain ini juga :D

    1. Lova maacih ya! :*** samaaaa...aku juga lebih suka yg ini drpd yg matte :D ayo2 dicoba lipstick nya :D

  3. aku juga suka lipstik ini..nice review kakak

    1. me too! i love the texture and the smell! :))