My first....NYX Products!

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Hey Beauties!

I am back with another "My First...." post series. My previous post was about first beauty products that I own,  and now it's about my first NYX products. Why NYX? Because NYX is one of the first brand that  I have when I was starting out with make up. After a while I have mixed feeling for these products, some I love, some are just so-so. With no further ado, lets get started!

NYX Pen Eyeliner ( Jet Black)
I honestly had a big hope with this eyeliner. But sadly, the color of this eyeliner is not black enough. And sometimes the ink wont come out even only using it few times, so you have to turn down the eyeliner, so all the liquid would go down to the tip, and after that you could use it again.

NYX Matte Bronzer (Deep Tan)
The color of this bronzer reminds me of chocolate. It's very matte and pigmented. A little bit goes a long way. And one of my go-to bronzer.

NYX Luscious Lipgloss Palette
First of all, I am not a fan of lipglosses moreover lipglosses with palette packaging. I didn't know what got into my head when I bought this product. I probably mistaken this with lipstick palette or I just plainly cant read. Anyhoo, the formula is similar with lipstick but very sheer.

NYX Black Label Lipstick (Cherry)
One of my favorite lipstick line from NYX. Love the packaging, love the formula, love the color, love the scent, love everything about it!

NYX Powder Blush (Cinammon)
One of the most famous product from NYX, and I totally can understand why. It's very pigmented and great colors, the texture is very soft and stay all day on my cheek

NYX Rough Cream Blush (Glow)
If you have dry skin, you probably would dig this product, but since I have oily skin, this product is not for me. Nevertheless, it's so easy to blend and the color is buildable. One swipe and it's enough to brighten up you cheek

Hope you enjoy this post, and now it's your turn: What's your first NYX products? Share it with me please :)

Gratitude for today:
I am grateful for the willingness to keep move on and the heart that keep strong.

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  1. My first NYX items are NYX Round Lipsticks :D Itu beli waktu awal-awal jadi beauty blogger dulu gara2 keracunan baca review hahaha Aku lagi pengen cobain blush-nya nih mbak, so far lagi ngincer Dusty Rose hehehe Soalnya blush on pink-ku menipis udahana hohoho

    1. aku malah belum pernah nyoba yang NYX Round lipstick, itu bagus gak lipstick nya? blush nya bagusss..recommended banget lagian harganya masih affordable :D

  2. round lipstick in heredes! dulu belinya online dan karena teksturnya yg terlalu creamy, waktu sampe ke rumahku lipstiknya udah agak bocel dan melted gitu :( sayang banget padahal warnanya super cakepp
    kalo sekarang sih lagi ketagihan beli eyeshadow palette nya :D

    1. ya ampun sayang banget... mungkin kepanasan kali lipsticknya ampe meleleh gitu.. eyeshadow nya cakeppp...aku punya yang palette n texture nya creamy banget..suka!

  3. Oh I love nyx products!! their lipsticks and blushes are amazing :D

    1. yes they are!

      thanks for stopping bu Liss :))