Review #13: Lorac Pro Palette

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Hey Lovelies!
I am back with a review from the one and only Lorac Pro Palette. As I've mentioned before, I had been wanting this palette since last year and I was so excited when it finally arrived on my hand, and since then I've been using this palette for work every single day. And this palette is simply amazeballs!

So let's started it
Lorac Pro Palette is an artistry palette that's packed with 8 Shimmer, 8 Matte eye shadows, and a Mini Behind The Scenes Eye Primer. It has a sleek and slim package with a decent size of mirror inside and very travel friendly. This palette was launched in 2012, so it's been around for a while and got all the hype. 

The top row which is the matte shades, the texture is soft and creamy. And since I've been using it every single day, i know that they are so pigmented, even the lightest shades such as White and Cream has a great color-payoff. Most of matte shades from other palette tend to difficult to blend, but it's a different case with Lorac Pro, it's creamy and very easy to blend . 

The bottom row is the shimmer shades. All the shades here feel so buttery and smooth, except for the Champagne which is a little bit frosty. They are so highly pigmented and a little bit goes a long way. I am sure that i never use any eyeshadow that as buttery as the Lorac Pro Palette.

Lasting Power
 With eye primer this eye shadows could hold for hours and hours without creasing. I use this palette everyday now, and usually I work from 9am to 7pm, when I went home and checked myself on the mirror my eyeshadow still looked good and not fading whatsoever. The staying power is unquestionable.

please excuse for the dirty palette, as you can see I've already given this palette so much love :)

I love the the color selection! They all very wearable and versatile. There are some colors that I found new and interesting such as Mauve, Taupe and Garnet. The color combo is definitely leaning towards neutral, but you can still create a dramatic look with this palette. 


I think my swatches did not do any justice for the matte colors because they look a bit powdery on the picture, but keep my word, it's really different when you apply it on you lid, it's so pigmented.

Last word
Only praise that I could say for Lorac Pro Palette. One of the big perks from this palette is definitely the 8 matte shades which i find lacking in many neutral palette out there. If you've been thinking to get this palette, don't hold back, grab it fast! It's worth the price even though it's $42, you buy for the quality anyway :)

Update 05 April 2014
So I've been wearing this palette for several weeks now, and matte shades are the ones that I used the most. I never had problem with their color payoff. But I notice that the matte colors tend to have fall out. and a bit powdery. Nevertheless, the fall out and the powdery issue are not really bothering me, I still think this palette is amazing and still the one that I reach out the most. 

Today's gratitude:
I am grateful for my life and everything that I've experienced

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  1. Ahhh! I was contemplating whether to buy this or the Naked Palette! Now I kinda regret not choosing this.
    The colours are gorgeous~ :D Nice review!

    Bella /

    1. aww...Naked Palette is a great palette too! But yea, betwen Naked Palette and Lorac Pro, I would pick Lorac because it has more matte shades :D

      thanks for stoping by Bella!

  2. aaaaaaa ya ampun cakeppp banget...
    iri deh, hihihiihi..
    harus nabung buat lorac palette ini
    nice review imelda ;)

    1. hahaha amanda :*** ayo nabung2, ini juga bisa beli karena nabungnya dari tahun lalu :D

  3. OMG! ini salah satu wishlistku yang entah kapan bisa kebeli T_T warnanya bagus, wearable, sama rata lagi jumlah yang matte dan shimmer. duhh, aku yang ga punya aja udah muji2 berlebihan nih, apalagi yang punya

    1. hahaha iyah, saking sukanya ini palette aku pake setiap hari, all day everyday! :D

      thanks udah mampir ya Yuni!

  4. Aduh ini bagus banget ya paletnya tapi nabung dulu deh nabung, emang ada harga ada barang yah.. hahahhaa..

    Btw, new follower here
    Check out my blog ;)

    1. haha ember....ini juga nabung dari tahun lalu akhirnya bisa kebeli sekarang :D

      aww thank u ya, i just followed you back ya! i noticed u just change ur layout! sukaaaa!