World Around Me 20/02/2014

6:13 AM

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While I am busy finishing my monthly report at the office, here is what's happening around the world:

I am not really into watching sport programs on TV moreover news about Winter Olympics in Sochi, but this article from The Gloss, really makes the winter Olympic seem more interesting. Btw, did you notice the face of So Youn Park from Korea? Even with that awkward position her looks is amazing!

I love Revlon Balm stain and recently they just released the matte version, I forget about it for a while but after The Sunday Girl post about it on her blog, it reminds me that I need to get my hands on this. Period.

That also reminds me for Spring Trends 2014, the orange lips is back! And Ci Sanny from Sanny Lie Subroto is definitely rocking it here. I make a special note to my self, next time I go out I will totally do this look.

Do you like RoboCop movie? I heard they remake it and it got good reviews. 3,5 stars from Imdb and 2,5 stars from Rotten Tomatoes. I personally wont watch it, because the idea of RoboCop is making me cringe. Anyway, you can check it here whether it's already played in your city or not.

I want to make my own DIY project on making cars! I've searched on Pinterest and found some interesting idea, there are 3 cards that catch my attention, this one, this one, and also this one.

My fellow blogger Amanda from Good Morning Mandy just created an eyes decorative look that I've been  really wanting to try in along time! The result is somehow similar to one that  Pixiwo on Youtube  created. But of course, Amanda's version is all handmade and no face-lace at all, which is cooler!

Cant believe tomorrow is Friday! Yippie! So what's your plan for this Friday night?

Today's Gratitude:
I am thankful for our effort to "make time" to see each other

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