Revlon Super Top Speed VS Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

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 Hey Loves!

In today's post I am comparing 2 products, they are Revlon Top Speed 60 Second Top Coat VS Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.

The first time I heard about Seche Vite was from YouTube. And actually I never thought I wanted to buy one, but when my top coat back then needed to replace, i decided why not try Seche Vite's brand. I bought it Pre Order so I had to wait for a while until it arrived on my hand, and that was actually why I bought the Revlon Super Top Speed. I was in a need of top coat, but since I already threw away my old top coat and my Seche Vite still haven't arrived, I decided to get a cheap top coat that available in the super market, which is Revlon Top Speed. So that's a little story on how and why I got them. So lets get into details.

They claimed to be...
Revlon Top Speed 60 Second Top Coat : speed dries nail enamel surface, builds shine, nail enamel, last twice as long.

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat : widely acknowledged as the world's finest top coat. Specially formulated to penetrate through nail lacquer to the base coat forming a single solid coating over the nail plate for a much more durable finish. Guaranteed not to yellow while leaving nails silky, stronger and resistant to chipping and peeling. (hmm, sounds very impressive...)

How good are they...
Both products stated they dry fast, so let's see how fast they could be. I applied 2 coats of Essie Play Date and finished it by applying 1 stroke of top coat to each nail. Revlon on my middle finger and Seche Vite on my ring finger. Every 5 minutes I started making dent in the polish with my finger nails.

I put the same pressure when I made the first dent on each nail, and it's barely seen on SV
second dent: more pressure on SV
third dent: more pressure on SV
fourth dent: more presure on SV

As I expected, Seche Vite performed much better compare to Revlon in speed department. FYI, I put more pressure when I made dents to Seche Vite top coat and that's why you could see clearly the second and third dent, but the the fourth one? it's barely there (amazing!). Sadly, dents on Revlon are visible even after 20 minutes. 

My thoughts...
Revlon Top Speed 60 Second Top Coat: clearly it is not a 60 second top coat, but although Revlon is lacking on speed, I want to mentioned that this is not a bad product. For an IDR 35,000 top coat, I think it has the quality. It gives a shiny finish that I am looking for in a top coat, it has liquid formula that glides more easily compare to Seche Vite,  and it last  4 to 5 days without chipping. Except for the "dry fast" statement, I think it does what it claimed to be.

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat: No wonder they said it is one of the finest top coat. I am impressed on how fast it dries on my polish. Just like Revlon, it also last 4 to 5 days without chipping and gives a shiny result which I like. However, I am not a fan with the formula, it's thicker and I am sure it will be a gloppy mess after awhile, because somehow the consistency reminds me of Face Shop's top coat.  And I need to warn you if you ever decide to buy this product, it  has a STRONG smell! I am not kidding, at first I thought I got the crappy one, but I read on reviews and it said Seche Vite DOES have a strong chemical scent. Moreover, Seche Vite also has shrinkage issue that would be a problem for all  nail polish addicts out there ( in my experience, the shrinkage will occur after 1-2 days).

Last Words...
I think Seche Vite is a better product compare to Revlon. If you don't mind with the price (I got it for IDR 100,000 after discount), and the smell, and the shrinkage issue, and you want a super fast-drying top coat then you should get Seche Vite. But if you are like me, an amateur on nail polish that only looking for a shiny finish and cheap price, you are not wasting your money on Revlon. 

So have you tried Seche Vite or Revlon's top coat? What do you think about them?

My gratitude for today:
I am thankful for the quiet day at work so that I could fnish everthing that I need to get done today.

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  1. You have such a great review!
    I don't usually care about whatever it is the brand for a top coat, but your post make me want to try that SV product haha. I've got the problem with most of top coat, which is it usually takes so much time to get dried. Thus, I often get my nails messed up again because I forgot that the top coat hasn't been dried yet when I touched a lot of thing.

    Anyway, great review! You have a great blog too.
    I've followed you.
    Mind to follow me back? ^^


    1. thanks for stoping by Debby!
      And yesss, SV is the best choice if you want a super fast-drying top coat! I am very impressed with it!
      And I just followed you back ^^

  2. Pengeenn nyobain yang sache vite tapi masih gak rela bayar segitu buat kutekk.. huhuhuu

    1. Hooh sih, tapi worth it emang....soalnya beneran cepet banget kering nya...tapi aku sendiri bukan polish addict, jadi pake yg revlon jg ga papa. Kalo yang seche vite ini abis, kayanya ditahan dulu deh kalo mau beli lagi :D

      thanks udah mampir ya Vani! :D

  3. Jadi pingin nyoba tapi ngga tau beli dimana xD
    nice post :)
    mind to followback GFC? :) Thankyou^^

    1. Hey Jessice, makasih ya udah mampir! udah aku followback dari kemarin :D
      anyway, aku beli ini PO di Mimo Pre Order, kalo mau coba ke situ aja :D