My First....Beauty Products!

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Hey Beauties

I was wandering in the blogging world, trying to find an interesting topic to post when suddenly I decided that I want to make a series post which called : My First.... (blank)! I think it's going to be a fun post because we basically could write about anything that  we like as long as it's our first of anything. So this time I want to talk about my first beauty products that I ever own. Hope you enjoy this flashback:

Lipstick: Maybelline Color Sensational in shade ( I forget!)
I remember I liked this lipstick so much and I got tons of compliments every time I wore it. I bought this lipstick because brand such as Maybelline was really hits around 8 years ago (and still is!) and having a product from this brand was a must! I actually kept this lipstick too long it turned out gross and funny-smelling. 

Powder: Marck's Beauty Powder
Long before I knew foundation, concealer, BB or CC cream, the one and only product that covered my face was Marck's Beauty Powder. When I was still in high school this was my holy grail powder. It was a cheap powder and very light.

Blush: Revlon Powder Blush 
It used to be in my least favorite products, but now I love it. You can read my post about this blush here and then continue here. I think I bought this blush when I started my hobby in beauty products, which wis 3 years ago. 

Lip gloss: Maybelline Water Shine Liquid
I know that I used to have other lip gloss before this Maybelline Water Shine Liquid, but I just cant remember the brand. Anyhoo, the reason I bought this lip gloss exactly the same with the reason why I bought the Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick.

Eyeshadow Maybelline Eyestudio Quad
 I think this eyeshadow palette from Maybelline is a perfect palette for a newbie in a beauty world, at least that's what i thought when I bought this. It's cheap, it's Maybelline, it has 4 different colors in one quad! I bought this palette in my early 20's and I am pretty much sure this is the only eyeshadows that I used until I bought my Naked Palette.

So what's your first beauty product! Do you still using it?

Today's Gratitude:

I want to thankful for the energy that I have so I could finish my work today.

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  1. emang deh bedak marcks itu nenek moyang dari segala make up hehehe..

    following you ^.^

    1. thanks udah mampir Yuni! and yes, marcks dari dulu ampe sekarang gak ada matinya :DD

      btw, udah di follow back ya !

  2. truly an interesting post kak! idenya bagus banget :D
    jadi inget dulu pertama kali dandan pas ada acara sekolah itu pake makeup punya mama, haha >.<

    clovers and carousel blog

    1. aww Aldina, makasih cantik! :** haha samaa...make up nyokap dulu andalan banget dah...
      thanks udah mampir ya

  3. wahahahaaa, ada my fave Blush !! gue suka banget blush revlon ini, matte dan cukup longlast. Btw biar kata bedak mars itu bedak yang eksis, tapi gue samsek belom pernah cobain -____-

    1. hahaha...ini bedak marcks nya ngetop banget waktu zaman aku sma/kuliah dulu...mungkin kalo sekarang udah gak terlalu banyak yang make secara banyak banget product baru dipasaran yang lebih oke. And yes, revlon blush nya salah satu revlon favoritku juga sekarang, hampir tiap hari dipake! :D

      btw, thanks udah mampir ya Astri!

  4. Bedak marcks! Bedak ganteng pertama gueee. Aaaaa senengnya baca ini jadi inget masa lalu.

    1. hahaha samaaa dong kita! :D

      makasih udah mampir ya Esy!

  5. duhh tuh bedak marcs emang paling hits ya ;)

    1. hahaha ember! nge hits jaman jebot :D

      btw, thanks udah mampir ya ...