8 Mini Size Maracuja Lipglosses & Swatches

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Hey Cupcakes!

Happy Valentine's Day! In this wonderful day let's talk something pink such as 8 Mini Size Maracuja Lip glosses. This wonderful travel size lip glosses is part of the Tarte Carried Away Collection which released in December 2012. I have these babies for a while now and I am excited to say that they are amazing!

First of all, I am not a lip gloss person, I don't like to use one. But these lip glosses change my mind. As you can see in the swatches below, they have  a gorgeous color and very wearable. My favorite one is Nuria and Mer. Nuaria is a creamy red shade while Mer is a sheer pink with a hint of shimmer. By the way, it is interesting how they use girl's name for these lip glosses. 

L-R: Casey, Nuria, Jane, Mer
L-R: Anna, Heath, Ali, Mel
Casey   : Creamy Light Pink
Nuria    : Cream Red 
Jane      : Cream Deep Pink ( Similar with Casey)
Mer      : Sheer pink with shimmer
Anna     : Creamy Pink ( Similar with Jane)
Heath   : Sheer Orange pink with shimmer
Ali        : Sheer Purple Pink with shimmer
Mel      : True Pink

We have to agree they have a stunning colors, although the color is similar to one and another, but what really got me was their formula. They have a thick consistency but not sticky, and I am amazed with the color pay off, they are so pigmented! When it comes to staying power, I remember this Maracuja Lip gloss could last more than 3 hours depends on your activity. Something that I noticed as soon as I apply this on my lips was it had a very minty scent and felt cool on the lips. So if you are not fond of mint, that could be a problem. With these 8 fabulous baby size lip glosses I know that I wont pick up other gloss for a longggg time

So are you a lip gloss person? if you are, what's your favorite one?

Gratitude for today:
I am thankful that I met you.. yes, YOU!

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  1. all of them are so prettyy <3
    aku sejauh ini cuma punya 1 lipgloss karena aku lebih suka lip tint.. nggak suka sensasi lengket-lengketnya lipgloss soalnya >.<

    1. hahaha samaaa....tapi yang ini warnanya pretty banget...aku malah belum pernah coba lip tint...:D