Products That I've Used Up #3

4:46 AM

Head & Shoulders Cool Menthol Shampoo: I just finished the third bottle of Head & Shoulder Cool Menthol Shampoo, and I am using my fourth bottle now. For me this shampoo keeps me from dandruff effectively. On the other side, it is also drying my hair, and some of my friends experienced the same thing with this shampoo. That's why I always use conditioner after. I think I will keep using this shampoo until I found the one that can clean out my dandruff and moisturize my hair at the same time.

Zwitsal Baby Shampoo: In case you are wondering why  there is a baby shampoo here? it's actually for washing all my make up brushes. As you may know, we can use a baby shampoo to clean/wash our make up brushes. You can pick any baby shampoo that you like to clean your brushes. I choose Switzal Baby Shampoo because of the smell (I love the smell!) and it's cheap. And yes, I will buy it again.

NYX Super Skinny Marker (Carbon Black): you can read my review about this eyeliner here, I really recommend this product if you are a newbie to an eyeliner. But I don't think I will purchase this eyeliner again  just because I am really into L'oreal Paris Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner at the moment

CoverGirl LashBlast Volume (Very Black): one of my favorite mascara ever! It does separate my eyelashes, darkens and gives them volume. You can apply this mascara layer after layer on your lashes and still look natural and not clumpy at all. The down side is, it has a thick plastic bristle that difficult to use for bottom lashes. However, i still love this mascara and definitely going to buy it again.

Clean and Clear Oil Control Film: I cant say much about this product expect it does removes excess oil and oily shine. Will I purchase it again? Sure, because of the price and it does its job.

Face Shop Clear Top Coat (WH001): I liked this top coat at the beginning because it dried fast and gave glossy finished to all nail polishes that I applied. But after a while it became gloppy at the half bottle mark, I practically had to "scoop up" the liquid with the brush, just so I could get the product out. Based on that, I will not buy this top coat anymore.

Rimmel Stay Mate Powder: Seriously? what's not to love about this powder? It's cheap, it keeps you from shine and oily face. I just love it! Will I buy it again? Heck, yes!

So what products that you've used up this month? Will you purchase them again? Share with me please

My gratituted for today:
I am thankful for my motivation that keeps me going strong.

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