(mini) Review #9: Make Up For Ever HD Foundation

4:30 AM

Hey lovely Ladies!
I am back with another review, and today review is from Make Up For Ever HD Foundation

So first of all, when it comes to foundation...i usually use the drugstore brand...such as Revlon, Covergirl, and i seriously love them , but after awhile i want to invest in some good high end foundation. And after i heard  raves about this product I decide to buy the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation

The shade that I use is N155, it is interesting because it has a pinkish undertone, while my undertone is actually yellow, but somehow i think it works for me

So here's my review:

Is it good for photo shoot?
 yes, this  foundation is very good for photo shoot, no white cast, and looks really natural, you can see from my pics below

What about the coverage?
 The coverage is medium to full coverage, but i suggest to apply it only one layer, because the second layer might look unnatural

bare face 
first layer (second layer)

second layer (no filter)
Does it make your face oily?
 hmm, i guess not really, but after awhile, i still have to bloth my face with oil paper, just because my skin is basically oily so yea, it wont trigger oiliness but also wont prevent it..

What about the staying power?
 i think the staying power is pretty good, around 7+ hours, but ofc, if you are outdoor..it will stay less than that

Does it oxidize? 
no, the color wont change (and that's one of the reason i love this product)

What about the price?
pricey, this is the most expensive foundation that I ever bought. IDR 520,000 in Mall Kelapa Gading

So that's my mini review on this foundation. I have to say that I really like this foundation, but just as same as I love my Revlon & Covergirl foundation ( which are my most favorites!)

So have you try this foundation? What do u think about it?

 Today's gratitude:
I am thankful because I have the opportunity to explore life and be adventurous 

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  1. Nice review.My shade is exactly same as yours.What is your shade in Revlon and covergirl.I would like to try those.

    1. hey thank you so much! For Revlon I use Golden Caramel and or Covergirl I use soft honey, but next time i think i would get a lighter shade from these foundation, cos actually these colors is a tad to dark for me.