January's 2014 WishList

3:26 AM

Hi Guys! It's funny when I wrote this post I had to concentrate really hard what I really really want this month. I even had to ask my colleague what she wants these days, so that maybe I could get some ideas.

So after a few minutes, I finally gathered all the stuffs that I want to put in my January 2014's wishlist, and I have to say, this month wishlist is quite different than other wishlist that I've made before.

To Past IELTS with band 6,5 and no band under 6
I surprised when I had my IELTS 2 years ago and I reached 6,5. It was beyond my expectation. I initially wished to get 5,5. But what did I know, right? So in a few months I will have my second IELTS test, and I hope I could get the same score just like i did before. And my special wish is to get all bands no less than 6.

Admission from University
So the second step after I got the IELTS result is to apply to University, and I remember last year, I got decline by one university. Hopefully it would be a happy ending with all my applications this year. I plan to apply to 3 universities and wish to get pass by all of them. Fingers cross!

The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith
I haven't finished any book lately, and I determine to finish one. I pick this book and wish I could read it until the very last page. This book is actually written by JK. Rowling, but she use a shadow name as Robert Galbraith. It became quite a big news when it reveled to the public. 

Lorac Pro Palette
Lorac, Lorac, Lorac. Oh, I just wish you are a step closer to me. For 80% I am sure that after I got this palette I wont buy another eyeshadow palette throughout 2014

Real Techniques Face Expert Brush
I love RT Buffng Brush and after I read so many brilliant reviews about this brush, I think RT Face Expert Brush will perform as good as the buffing brush or even better!

Small Rings
Lately I am really into small rings. They are cute and really pretty and somehow make my fingers look more interesting. Cant get enough of this!

Black Bag
This bag will arrive in my hand around March 2014! YAY! I know it's 2 months away but at least I dont have to buy it with my own money :D My lovely brother will buy me this bag as a souvenir from his trip.

My gratitude for today:
"I'm so thankful that our paths crossed for awhile"

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