Reaching The Dream Journey (Part 2): Why I have to say goodbye?

2:53 AM

I  hate goodbye, so that's why when 2 of my closest friends at work decide to resign from our company, i feel really sad. I know we are going to see each other outside the office, but the fact that we wont have lunch together again, or the fact that we wont experience the same "office" day again, is something that i am not really looking forward to . But there's nothing I can do, they want to take a better opportunity and it is same as my reason to I stay in my company, because I want a better chance too. 

If I want a better opportunity, then why I stay at the same job so long then? Well, It is a long story to tell, but my decision to stay is basically the only way for me to reach what I really want for this past 5 years, even if it means I have to say goodbye for other opportunity out there. I honestly don't know if this is the right thing to me, but I am not ready to change my dream, and I cant let my self change my dream, and  I don't want to change my dream.

I am not only saying goodbye to my friends and opportunity but also to my "younger-self"'s passion. December 2013, I finally decided to take a break from dancing. For unknown period of time. It is hard to stop doing something that you really like, but sometimes you need to sacrifice something in order to get your ultimate goal, for me i have to sacrifice my dancing. It doesn't mean that dancing will stop me from reaching my dream, but for now I just have to make more room for other things in my life, so that's why my dancing have to step a side. 

My 2004 will definitely be more adventurous compare to my 2013. I hate to say this, but 2013 was kind of flat for me, well there were some highlights here and there, and I think i made some of my biggest life decision in 2013, but overall it felt like I stuck in a giant bubble. However, in early 2014 i just pop that bubble and I am ready to soar.

That's it from me today, I wish you all stay strong if right now you experience "goodbye" to something important in your life . XO

Today's Gratitude:
I am thankful for people that I love that supporting me when I have to say goodbye to something that I love. 

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