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Hey Guys, last week I just back from Bali for a 7 days trip with my bf. It was my first time to Bali ( I know!) and I had so much fun there. Anyway, I want to share with you places that we visited when we were in Bali
So here are my itinerary for the days when we rent a car in Bali:

1st day       : Goa Gajah - Arma Museum
2nd day     : Museum Puri Lukisan - Pura Ulun Danu ( Bedugul) - Tanah Lot
3rd day      : Uluwatu - Padang-Padang beach

Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave)

It was a nice place to visit, my bf likes it, and I like it too .When we got there it was a bit raining so we had to use umbrella all the time, which is a little bit difficult if we want to take a picture at the same time. so this place was relatively small, in less than 1 hour we could see everything in it, and there was a lot of tour guide that approached us to offer their services, which was a bit bothering because they were a little persistent even after we  politely refused them. Just like my bf said: which part of "NO"  they don't actually understand?"
But anyway, this place is not far from Ubud, and worth to visit if you are in the area.

Arma Museum

the only pic I took before we knew that we were not allowed to take pics!
Going to see museum actually was my bf's request because he lovesss to go to museum. We actually planned to see 2 museums that day, but we got there too late so we could only see the Arma Museum. What I like about this museum was they have both traditional Balinese and contemporary/modern paintings which I like. Admission fee was IDR 150,000 but we also got free drink.

This museum has 2 mains building: 1 for Balinese Paintings and 1 for the modern paintings. and yes, I was stupidly taking picture inside the building which is actually not allowed :D 

Museum Puri Lukisan
At the second day we started by going to the museum again because we still want to see another museum. And this time we went to Museum Puri Lukisan that located not far from the Arma Museum. Admission fee to enter museum is more pricey compare to Arma, which was IDR 75,000 but it is worth it! It was the first museum in Ubud and it consist of 4 mains building that mostly have Balinese paintings. If you want to see the progress of Balinese painting, Museum Puri Lukisan is the perfect place for that.

me looks very happy and excited cos of sunny morning

Pura Ulun Danu ( Bedugul)

can you see the rain?
It was very sunny in the morning, but after 2 hours drive, the rain welcoming us when we reached Pura Ulun Danu ( Bedugul). It was too bad because it was raining so hard and as you can see in the picture, the haze was heavy at the lake so we cant really see the view of the famous background Pura Ulun Danu. Just like we did at the Goa Gajah, we were walking around holding umbrella and taking picture at the same time. Oh well, nevertheless, this temple is beautiful and it is a must visited place in Bali. 

Tanah Lot

The last place we visited at the 2nd day was the famous Tanah Lot, fortunately the rain stopped when we got there, and I was very happy with that. So my first impression of Tanah Lot was there was so  many people there. and I actually didn't know where to begin because it was a big place to see. so I just walked and followed other people. When we reached the temple I was hoping that they would allow us to see inside of the temple but we weren't allowed. So we walked to the higher place and we saw the ocean's view which was beautiful.


Last day of the road trip and it started with a sunny day in Uluwatu. And I absolutely recommend this place if you visit Bali. It is a must see! first of all, when we about to enter the the place, we have to wear a cloth to cover our legs. Oh, did i mentioned that there was a lot of monkeys in Uluwatu? well, i even spotted one in the parking lot. I read on the Internet that monkeys in Uluwatu are naughty, and apparently my bf have a little paranoia with monkey :D so we were actually avoiding the monkeys and didn't even try to fed them.

After we survived from the first monkey challenge, we started to walk around Uluwatu, and it really has a breathtaking views! You can see the ocean and the hills and there was a small temple at the top of the which was really pretty. 

So when we walked back to the car, apparently we had to face the second monkey challenge which was more terrifying than the first one. So i witnessed that the monkey stole one of the visitor's glasses and i was like "oh my god, the monkey is really evil!" So anyway, just be careful with the monkeys when you visit Uluwatu. 
according to my bf : The Evil Minkee!

Padang-Padang Beach

Last destination of the trip was Padang-Padang Beach, and ladies and gentlemen, it was about to rain when we got there, and after only 30 mints sitting on the sand, it started raining and absolutely not my best beach vacation. So if you don't see any picture of me in bikini, just blame the rain!

Despite of the rain, this beach is actually really pretty, not very big though, but it's clean and you can swim and sunbathing on the beach (when it's not raining). They said it used to be less people here, but after it became famous thanks to Eat, Pray, and Love, more people coming to this beach.

me trying to look happy despite of the rain :D

So that's all the places that we visited in Bali. From my 7 days trip there i have a few thoughts that probably will help you if you want to visit Bali: 

- try not to go to Bali in rainy season. when I planned my trip to Bali I already knew that it was going to be raining there, BUT not all the time. I know I could enjoy Bali more when there was no raining.

- I've read on the Internet that you don't have to worry about transportation in Bali, because they have Blue Bird taxi there and it is easy to get one, but it is not really true. I spent 7 days in Bali . And we made plan to rent the car for only 3 days, and we would use taxi for the rest of the trip. If I knew better, I would prolly rent the car everyday. Blue Bird taxis are hard to find there, well, maybe you will often see them on the street but most of the time it is not available. So yea, it is easy to call one to come to your hotel, but it is hard to find one that available on the street. There was one time when it was raining and we already walked a mile to get a  blue bird taxi, but we couldn't find any, so we end up using any taxi that available and we had to pay IDR 150,000 from Kuta to Seminyak which is insane...but I guess that was a better option rather than walk from Kuta to Seminyak. 

- people never actually warned me about this...but yea, it was one of the unpleasant thing that happened to us in Bali, the traffic...especially in Ubud, and in the Kuta/ when it usually only takes 1 hour drive, it could take up to 1,5 hours or even 2 don't expect Bali to be much different than Jakarta on that matter.

So overall it was a great experienced, i just wish i could spend more days there and see more places. My trip to Bali is definitely a perfect way to start my 2014! 

My Gratitude for today:
I am thankful for the crazy way we met

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  1. Nice click from your Bali trip,and thanks to sharing your trip experience with us,truly Bali is fantastic tourist destination.