Wedding Party Make up using naked palette

7:03 AM

Hey Cupcakes!

Weekend past so quickly and tomorrow we back to our routine, for me it means back to work...Booo! Wish I could have a longer weekend...oh well!
Anyway, I want to share with you guys my make up look that I wore to attend a wedding party last week. 

I did this make up very fast (30 mints, include putting the false lashes and everything) comparing with the normal time that i spend to finish my make up ( 45mints-1 hours)...yayy!

Before you ask, yes, I wore y bridesmaid dress!

As usual primed my use using Urban Decay Primer Potion

I used Naked Palette for eyeshadow (Naked for the lid,  Smog & Darkhorse for the outer corner)

Lined my eyes with  Loreal Lineur Intense

I used 2 mascara: Covergirl Lash Blast Volume, and Maybelline Full & Soft Mascara
For falsies I use D'eyeko in number 360 (one of my fav!) and Rubotan for the glue
For lips I use Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses in No 004 Indian Pink
 And top it off with my favorite NYX Black Label Lipstick (Diva)

all the products that I used for my eyes and lips
Few stories from the wedding:
1. There was a falsies catastrophy when I did my mom's make up, I had to change her lashes twice! Fortunately we could sort that out and she looked gorgeous as usual. The picture above actually didn't do any justice for her :-/
2.  As we all know we are having rainy season in Indonesia right now, and the wedding was a garden party , so people said that the family of the bride hired two Rain Whisperer from Bali to prevent the rain. Did it work? Well, I guess so ,because there's no rain that night  :DD
3. The bride looked really gorgeous and she wore a very deep black smokey eyes which is something that unusual for a bride, but salute for anyone that did her make up, she looked fabs!

My gratitude for today:
I am thankful because I have 2 awesome brothers. For all the good and the bad, they are just the best!

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  1. simple tapi fresh di wajah km ^_^


  2. aihhhh cantiiikkkk disini dirimuuuuuuu :) sukaaaaaaaa

    1. putriii maacihhh...ini mah foto lamaa :DD

    2. iyaa ceritanya aku lagi kepoin blog kamu :P

    3. hahahah putriii...isengnya lagi keluar nih...hohoho