Review #8: NYX For Your Eyes Only Palette (for Brown Eyes)

6:34 AM

Hey Girls!

So the other day I decided that I wanted to use  NYX For Your Eyes Only Palette for brown eyes because  I already have this palette for a while now but I don't use it so much and all this time this palette just sitting in my drawer untouched, and since I am in a mission not to waste any make up product that I own, I grabbed this eyeshadow palette and used it.

When I used this palette the other day, i just realized how amazing the quality of this eyeshadow. I know that NYX is well known with their excellent quality of make up product but this is beyond my expectation.

This palette was only IDR 110,000 when I bought it, which makes many people considering it as a drugstore type, but for me this product is way better compare to some of the eyeshadow from high end brand that I own. 

I was very happy with the color payoff and the buttery texture from this eyeshadow. When I touched them, they felt creamy, the color is very well pigmented and not chalky at all. 

When it comes to the color selection, I kinda bump out because they don't have a reddish / maroon color that I really like in eyeshadow. Instead they put 2 purplish color which I think not very useful ( one purple is enough). But maybe since this is for brown eyes, purple would suits better. 

This palette has only 1 matte shade, 6 shimmers and 3 frost shades. With this palette you could make a various looks: every neutral look, smokey eyes, pop-of-color eye look, anything!

Top Row
Bottow Row
The only thing that I am concerned from this product is the frost shades that tends to fall out, but I guess that's normal for this type of eyeshadow. 

So overall I am very please with this product, and if you want to buy an affordable eyeshadow palette with great quality, I think you should try this palette :)

And here is my gratitude for today:
I am thankful because I have the luxury to enjoy my weekend 

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