Green Eyeshadow Looks

8:23 PM

Hey Girls!

So today I want to share with you my experiment in making an eye look several days ago,

For this look, mostly I used NYX producst and of course I also used NYX For Your Eyes Only Pallete ( brown eyes), which I think is amazing.

Before we talk about the eye make up, I want to point out 2 things that went wrong with this make up.
I think you all could guess : D

First, my foundation is too white for my skin, I actually knew it was going to be too white, but not this white, and I just thought the camera wont catch it, but oh well, guess  i was wrong.

Second, my lipstick is too pale for me. I knew it was too pale, but again I thought it would look different on camera, but boy I was wrong!

Anyway, back to the eyes: 
I used green and brown shades for the eyes,
 Applied gel eyeliner, 
And put the false lashes

Very easy and simple and perfect for casual event, or just for hang out with your friends!

Oh btw, I also used NYX Blush in color Cinnamon, and I love this product. Its very pigmented, a little bit goes a long way, and actually I like this color combo with the green eyeshadow. I think they compliments each other.
all the products that I use for this look

Today's gratitude is:
I am thankful because I could have a productive weekdays and tomorrow I could have a nice relaxing weekend

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  1. Ahhh I really love nyx and all products on your picture beneran bikin mupeng abis hihihihi

    1. Thanks for stop by Ririe!
      And I love NYX too, especially their lips products! And Actually, produk2 NYX yg aku punya hasil hoarding for almost 2 years! :D

  2. Nyx nyx nyx nyx they're always great! I dont think the foundie was too white, maybe it just a whitecast. Its kinda blend to your skin tone actually. Yes I wish your lipstick shows more color but again it was the camera. Nice sharing sweetie!

    1. aww,..thank u Rani! I love NYX too! And really? u dont think the foundie is not too white for me? hmm, oh well,

      but u agree with my lipstick :D hahaha, it was just a bad choice!
      anyway, thanks for stop by!