Review #7: Face it Designing cake eyebrow

9:23 AM

Hey Lovlies!

so eyebrows are big again this past couple of years, straight archless eyebrow, big bold eyebrow, all type of eyebrows!

And actually I've been trying several type of eyebrow too, I've cut half of my eyebrow so that I could draw them back straight just like Kpop style, but before that I also have tried to shave it to have a high arch eyebrow. 

Anyway, to help my eyebrow look better and fuller, I have searched for eyebrow powder. I choose eyebrow powder because i feel it more natural rather than an eyebrow pencil. Usually I use brown eyeshadow to fill my eyebrow, but then I bumped into Face It Designing Cake Eyebrow and decide to try it

this color is in number 02 - Khaki Grey
I like the packaging, it is small, sturdy,  and very travel friendly

The color is great too even tho hearing someone having a khaki colored eyebrow seems somehow unusual. The color is not too harsh and and like I said its very natural. So if you don't want to mess around with your eyebrow, this product is for you! 

It last all day as well, unless wash your face, obviously. 

The applicator/brush is another story. I have to say that the brush is the downside of this product. First of all, the brush not soft at all. Second, the width of the brush is somehow wider than a normal eyebrow brush, so its hard to make a slim eyebrow tail with it. 

And one more thing, it is a little bit difficult to make the color show, so you have to rub the brushes into the powder a couple of time in order to get the color that you want.

Notice the different?
So far I feel happy with this product and I plan to wear them for a long time

And btw, I've recently starting to watch a vlog on youtube from Kelley's Corner. In her youtube, she decided that at the end of her vlog, she would have "gratitude of the day" where basically she will state something that she thankful/gratitude for.
That inspired me to have my own "gratitude of the day" too in  my blog post, starting now. 
So what I want to thankful for today is:
I am thankful because I can still have a job that could provide me a sufficient life.

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