Christmas/December 2013 WishList

4:31 AM

Oh favorite time of the year
as I grow up I appreciate Christmas more and more, especially Christmas times with my family, they are my precious memories.

Anyway lets talk about something that is also exciting at this Christmas time, which is Christmas wish list! Most of the things that I want here is somehting that I never own before, so here we go:

1. Make Up Pouch
I actually have a few of this. The problem is, either they are too small, too big, or  just worn out. so I am still in the mission the get the "one" pouch

2. Sunglasses
so i think I've mentioned before that I will have a beach vacation at the end of this year. and Sunglasses in a must have item for a beach trip and for any trip

So since last year I've made a commitment that i will only buy one bag for one year. It is hard, i know! But the good side is, when it is time for me to get a new one, I could splurge on it without feeling guilty :D

4. Flat shoes
The reason I want this is simply because my old, comfy flat shoes is already worn out ( i really like that shoes!) and as a girl, this shoes is a must have!

5.Lorac pro palette
I seriously have to get this palette so then I could have a prefect life! really....i am not kidding

6.Make Up Forever HD Foundation
when it comes to foundation I always use a drugstore product, but after awhile I want to experience using a high end foundation, and my choice down to this Make up Forever HD Foundation. I heard a lot of brilliant thing about this product and I cant wait to try it

So what's your Christmas/December wish list? Is it similar to my list?

*Gratitude of The day*
I am thankful because I have the opportunity to do hobbies that I like.

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