Nail Polishes Combo!

3:33 AM

Hey Gorgeous!

So I've been used all these 3 nail polishes before, they are China Glaze Mimosa's Before mani's , China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise, and Face It Art Nails Crack Collection. But last week I wanted to try something different and combined them together and this is the result!

This is one of my way to apply nail polishes when I feel bored with them. They look more fun and eye catching by combining them together.

The only problem  using a crack enamel like this is they would give the effect of mature hands, and I have to admit that my hands is a no-model-hand. So my trick in in using this type of nail polish is with mixing them together with other bright color and not applying them in all fingers (so that's why you would see only my ring finger have it)

I actually prefer the blue crack combo  rather than the coral crack combo.

Anyway, if you have several shades of nail polishes that you want to use at once without looking too much or rainbowish, this is a great way to do it! 

So what about you? what trick do you do when you feel bored with your nail polish?

So my gratitude for today is:
I work over time lately, way more late than I usually do, but I am thankful because God still give me a good health and stamina to do all my activities.

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