Beyonce Inspired Make Up Silver Eye Shadow

5:25 AM

Hey Girls!

Last month I watched Beyonce's concert video on Youtube, and as I reminisced all her fabulous songs, I noticed that she wore a silver eye make up that looked really gorgeous on her. So I when I had dance performance for The Archy Event, I didn't bother to try other eye make up look, because I knew what I wanted, I wanted to be Beyonce....I mean, I wanted Beyonce's silver eye make up! (:-D)

Sorry for the messy hair,  it was a combination of sweat and rode motorcycle without helmet!


For this eye make up I was using Original Naked Palette, Loreal  Lineur Intense Eyeliner, Maybelline Crayon Liner and Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara

1. The color that I used from Naked Palette was: Virgin (inner corner), Gunmetal ( lid ), and Creep (outer V shape)

2.  And then I lined my eyes using Loreal Lineur Intense Eyeliner

 3. For my waterline I used Maybelline Crayon liner and smudged it using Creep and Gunmetal from Naked Pallete
 4. And last I finished it off with my favorite mascara: Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara

This eye make up is so simple yet stunning and very convenient for evening event
Usually I when it comes to make up I am rarely inspired by a singer, but Beyonce is an exception, not only she's a great entertainer and singer but her songs always have a very empowering message for women, and that's why I love her sooo much!

So which celebrities or singers that inspire you in make up the most??

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