Beyonce Inspired Make up Blue Eye Shadow

8:25 PM

Hey Beautiful!

I am back with my inspired make up look by Beyonce! As you may have heard, at the end of 2013, Queen B shocked all her fans by releasing her 14 new songs straight to iTunes with no warning. It was a surprise to many people...and once again only Queen B can do it. 

So today make up was inspired by one of her latest video clip "Mine". In this video she wore this gorgeous jewel-tone teal eyes shadow, and this is what inspired me to make this look

So after I finished making this look, I searched online for other look that inspired by this video clip, and I found one that I like, you can see it here . In this video, she explained that the eye shadow color is aqua-ish, while in my look the eyes shadow is more  blueish

and I think she's right...but oh well,  I still like this blueish eye shadow too

So that's it from now...

I hope you all like this look
I'll see in my next post

Gratitude for today:
I am thankful because I can depend on my self and not to anyone

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  1. aaaa.. cakep banget essedonya say >,<
    pake merk apa?

    main-main yaa.. tapi aq baru ngeblognya :D

    1. thanks for stop by, Amanda! :)) ini eyeshadownya pake coastal scents, terus untuk yang biru nya aku tambahin lagi pake loose eyeshadow powder merk Inez!

      udah aku follow back lagi ya :))

  2. Yaampun ini eyeshadownyaaa >< Cetarr. Pigmented bangett XD Seneng sama makeupnyaaa. Mirip loh :D

    i'm following you, mind to follow me back? :)
    Thankies ♥

    1. thank you udah mampir ke blog ku ya Stephanie! :))))

      udah aku follow back ya! xoxo