Late Halloween Make Up: Wolfie!

7:53 AM

Hey Girls!
Halloween was almost a month away now  but it doesn't stop me to post this Halloween make up look: Wolfie!
this make up was inspired by Kandee Johnson. And as soon as i finished watched it, i knew that I have to try to make it as well. So this is the result!

As Kandee said: you don't even need a costume if your face looks this awesome! And I totally agree with her, who's need a costume if you already look like a wolf???
Anyway, for someone who's not really good with painting, this make up look is quite difficult. I think it took me about an hour and half to finish this look and alot of trial and error in the process of making it.
but i am really happy with the result even tho somehow i look like a chubby!

these are the steps of making this wolfie look

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  1. Thanks alot Yozellyn :-***
    Yang putihnya itu pake Snazaroo face painting kit. Belinya di Toko Gunung Agung
    Untuk look kaya gini cocok banget pake face painting kit ini