False Lashes

11:10 PM

Hey Lovlies!

So a while ago I bought 3 types false lashes from Deyeko . You can see the pic of it here. It was more expensive compare to the false eyelashes that I like to wear but definitely cheaper compare to Japanese false lashes. 

1. Full Series No 136, 2. Syahrini Series Cakrawala, 3. Full Series No. 107

So I have to say that this false lashes has a great quality. They are easy to use, and the hair is soft, have good quality of band, and you can use it a couple of time. 

The only problem was, one of the lashes which is the type 107 ( you can see it at the pic number 3), it was too long and somehow it has effect dragging my eyes down. I tried to cut it, but it was just helpless. 
Anyway, it doesn't lessen my love for this falsies. 
I would continue to buy them for sure. 
For the price, the Full Series was IDR 35,000 and the Syahrini Series was  IDR 50,000

The other falsies that I bought was from Kay Collection.
As we all know, Kay collection is famous in producing many beauty tools with good quality.
But it is a different story for their false lashes. The quality of the false eyelashes feels cheeps, the hair feels plasticky , and the band of the falsies was so stiff that its hard to adjust to my eye size. 

but at the end somehow I could work it out as you can see in the picture down. 

The price of this false lashes was IDR 30,000. If I found the Deyeko first than this falsies, I would absolutely buy the Deyeko one. 

The last false lashes that I bought was from Be Paris, and they are my favorite! Because they are so cheap and soft and easy to use! The down side is, It is not durable. I think we only can use it twice and that's it, The glue band is not too strong that it would be damage after the second use. But Oh well, they are only IDR 30,000 for a dozen falsies!!! Can you imagine that? they are so cheap. 

Too bad I don't have the pic when i used them. Oh well, lets save that for next time. 

So what's you favorite falsies? 

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