Style Edition: Beach Vacation

7:55 AM

So yes, I plan to take a vacation to the beach at the end of this year. I know its still in a few months  but I just cant help my self to plan my outfit that I am gonna wear! I am sooo excited!

1. Hi lo skirt and sleeveless tops
I have a love-hate relationship with this skirt, I have few of them but since they all are pleated, and I am not actually thin, they make me looks bulky. But recently I just found the perfect one which not pleated and its really flowy because it doesn't have undergarment. I cant wait to wear it!

2. Summer dress
 Its definitely not summer on December, but since I'll go to the beach this dress should be perfect. And because I am short I prefer short dress rather than maxi. I havent found one that I like, so I am still in searching for this dress. 

3. Crop Top and mini skirt
I love this combo! This looks is flattering for my body type. Mini skirt always good for my height and crop top would make it more casual and fun

4. Short and T-shirt 
This is would be my basic outfit to walking around because its just comfy and simple

5. Romper
 I never ever wear romper in my whole life and hopefully this vacation would be my first time wearing it. Same as the summer dress, I am still in searching for this.

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