Snazaroo Face Painting Kit

7:38 AM

Hi everyone!
Before I always wondering where I could get a face paint, especially for October, which is the month of Halloween, a celebration for us-make up geeks-to pull off any kind of crazy and scray look that we like.

So it was so coincidence for me to finally found this face paint. I was in Gunung Agung Book Store, looking up stationery when I spotted this fabulous face paint!

They have several types of this face paint, and I got the smallest one, which consist of 5 basic colors. I bought this for about IDR 99,000.

And to apply this product we only have to damp the sponge that already provided inside and then tap it at the color that we want to use.

We also could mix the color to create other color that are not available in this series, such as blue and yellow.

I'll show you how I use this face paint in my next Halloween tutorial.
 So see ya soon, girls!

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