Review #4 : Essie Nail Polish in Angora

2:37 AM

Hey Lovlies, so now I want to review Essie Nail Polish and this one in shade Angora


Let me start with a confession that this shade is definitely not my shade. I mean its not flattering for my skin tone. 

I am pretty sure this shade is better for someone with lighter skin.

Even though it looks good under the sunlight, it didn't do any good under room light, it makes my skin looks even darker

I top with off with Nicole by OPI sparkly Polish, and it didn't help at

Anyway, despite of my annoyance towards my self because i picked the wrong shade, I still think Essie is a wonderful Nail Polish. It has a good quality, great color pigment, and very easy-to-use brush. 
All I got to say is I would love to get another shade from Essie and hopefully with a better shade...

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