Konad Stamping Nail Art

8:13 AM

Hey Gorgeous!

So finally after months I was juggling between to get this Konad Stamping Nail Art or not, I decided to bought them online.

I think I got the basic package which consist of a stamp, a scraper, 1 image plate, and Konad mini nail polish. For this package I paid for IDR 99,000. I also got 3 other image plates for full finger nail art print, Halloween version and Christmas version. Each of this image plate cost  about IDR 39,000

And let me tell you one thing, using konad is much harder than I thought. We need to do it very fast and not all nail polish is suitable for Konad stamp, for exp. China Glaze, because it is dry so quickly, and when it got dry it wont transfer the nail polish properly.

I tried this product few days ago and from the result i think i still have to practice more so I could share it with you all correctly.

So I'll see you all in my next Konad experience! XOXO

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