Halloween Tutorial: Jason Voorhees

7:59 AM

Hi Guys,

As I promised I am back with Halloween tutorial using Snazaroo Face Painting Kit!
It is very easy to use this face painting, just damp the sponge and tap it to the color you want to use.

For this tutorial I mainly use white, black, and red.

So here's what I did to make this look:

1. Use the white color and apply them all over the face evenly, except your eyes area.
2. Apply black color thickly around your eyes, and also use black eyeliner to color your waterline as well
3. After that make the dots using q-tips. Q-tips makes the best dot shape for this tutorial.
4. Make the V shape on forehead and triangle shape on both cheeks using red color.
5.After all the dots are finished, line the mask using grey/brown eyeshadow and don't forget to blend it to make a mask effect.
6. Last but not least, contour your face  and that's it!

Tips if you make a mistake in using this face paint is to damp a q-tips and gently stroke it at the area you want to correct. The water in the q-tips will erase the color that you want to get rid of.

For the costume, you only need to use black shirt and black/dark jacket with hoddie and you are ready!

So this is actually my last Halloween tutorial and I wish you enjoy all my Halloween tutorial. 
I'll see you soon and hope you have a fun and scary Halloween party!

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